Free Essay: Publicizing Family Violence in the United States of America

Published: 2019-11-07
Free Essay: Publicizing Family Violence in the United States of America
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America experiences nearly double the number of casualties lost in family violence compared to those lost during war. Such occurrences are common for American women murdered by current or ex male partners during the past one and a half decades (Allagui & Breslow, 2016). Statistics present concrete evidence that women are the more likely victims through either physical, emotional, financial abuse or a combination of all the three. The above revelations necessitate a publicity campaign to mitigate the severe impacts that family violence has on children, health and social services as well as the impact on the economy due to lost productivity (Richard, 2016). In addition, the publicity campaign would restore sanity in the marital setting and facilitate marriage to serve its intended function of love and companionship.

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The advertising campaign would target the potentially vulnerable groups, the vulnerable groups and the victims of the violence. These include children who are at risk of exposure to family violence or those who may experience it firsthand (Figley, 2014). The environment in which family violence is experienced may induce a child to take up the violent habits in the future. Such educational campaigns may also target schools. The media is also another significant tool in publicity campaigns. Television adverts and social media platforms are major tools in reaching out to many (Allagui & Breslow, 2016). Thirdly, the government support is vital in emphasizing the gravity of the matter. Here, the government can form tight regulations against perpetrators of family violence. It can also provide financial support to all institutions driving the campaign including healthcare providers.

The target groups in the family violence pandemic can be addressed through the creation of television campaigns presenting the facts and showing the severe impacts of a violent relationship while highlighting the benefits of a peaceful family. Additionally, social services groups can be engaged to counsel families that have gone through the epidemic. The social media applications can also be used to reach out to the billions of people who utilize the platform (Allagui & Breslow, 2016). The campaign would inspire the masses by clearly indicating the contrast between the adverse effects of a violent family and benefits of a peaceful family.

The groups that the publicity campaign would most likely to connect with are the government for its support and the teenagers who probably pick up violent habits from their families and transmit them into their future marriages. Adolescents and children are the next generation (Figley, 2014). They also have the power to make their families live peacefully. Coupled with the government that has overall authority in the nation, the teenagers can make the campaign a success, although it may take time before the benefits are realized.

Some of the messages to be used in the campaigns include the involvement of previous perpetrators or victims of the violence to provide testimonies (Figley, 2014). For instance, an offender can be used to give an honest story like I did this and I am taking responsibility for it. This will make many more perpetrators to respond to the message since they can relate.

The campaign process would begin by conducting interviews with the key stakeholders, doing thorough research about the issue and finally training the media on how to approach the subject (Richard, 2016). Mass media campaigns and community action have been proven in the past to change peoples attitudes.

In conclusion, this integrated approach includes utilizing the mass media to cater for an audience-driven methodology to behavioral change in addition to providing the surrounding for anchoring desired behavior as opposed to targeting individuals.


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