Essay Sample on Appraisal of American Political and Governmental System

Published: 2019-06-11
Essay Sample on Appraisal of American Political and Governmental System
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American political and governmental system is led by democracy. According to political scientist Larry Diamond, democracy is a system of government where citizens of a state are involved in the decision-making of the country. They are part of the major stakeholders who decide how a country should be governed other than the Government itself outlining what is right for them. Citizens of a democratic country are allowed to vote and freely choose a leader who they want to govern them and lead the country into social, economic and political stability. It can further be defined as the government of the people, for the people and of the people. The American government is democratic, and an appraisal of the system will help realize how democratic the government is it is just a name. The American government has not been able to show democracy in its leadership.

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Russel Brand, an American actor, took on an interview with the BBC newsnight where he expressed his views on the British system which relates to the American political and governmental system. When asked about voting, he clearly and boldly said that h does not vote, have never voted and will never vote. In comparison to the democratic governmental, voting gives one the opportunity to choose the leader who they think suits to lead the country. This can only mean that Russels failure to vote is because the leaders serve themselves only or that the governmental system is not democratic. In my opinion, I would support his argument because voting ensures you choose the best. The american government has not performed its sworn duties which are very evident by people failing to vote. Why vote, if the vote will make no difference if the vote will only empower high politicians in terms of power and serving their own self will. Politicians should not be self-centered.

The political system has created a disillusioned underclass that the government does not serve to mean that it does not serve the public but its own interests. According to Russel, the government has lies for decades; there has been corruption, treachery and deceit of the political class. Presidents have come in and gone, and the same promises have been made to the public on what they will do once in power, which does not happen. Ending injustice and inequality among citizens, advocating and signing the federal Equality Act into law, free medication to HIV/AIDS victims and ending of discrimination are just a few of the promises that we here our candidates each and every election year come forth and give to the hopeless nationals. In addition, Russel said that the government is greedy who are only interested in serving the needs of the corporations rather than the people who voted them in. If this how, the political system is operating, and then the government has lost meaning in the democratic ruling of its people.

In a democratic country or state, every person has the right to speech. This means even the right to talk about politics- where Russel is asked if he has the right to talk about politics. Democracy means free will in a country by not breaking the law. This can imply that people are in oppression in terms of political speech where they are in fear of commenting or talking about political happenings. Criticizing and praising the political system is one of the ways to keep the government on its toes and if such freedom is not there, then the essence of a democratic government no longer exists. And if so, the government cannot operate effectively without getting the views and opinions of the people its leading unless it has no obligation towards any of its people. Meaning that it is disregarding its duty calls to the nation.

Made promises to the people have not yet been fulfilled. When the President was campaigning, promises were made to end the war in Iraq and end the war in Afghanistan. In this we cannot just conclude, that the President has not fulfilled any promise- we give credit to what is due to. The president is yet to withdraw U.S from the Afghanistan. He also promised to establish a goal for approving all Road Home applications within two months. He was to increase the supply rental property which is particularly important in New Orleans where 57 percent of pre-Katrina residents were renters. According to the New York Times of Aug 2015, Up to date the promise and the demand for rental property have not been met. New Orleans residents feel that the government has let them down, and some have no trust or faith in the government.

The government should not destroy the planet. Unbearable conditions such as high cost of living and inflation rates can be the destruction of the planet. If the citizens cannot afford to pay mortgage due to high interest rates, then how can they survive without shelter or food? It should not ignore the needs of its people. Citizens complain should be regarded and positive measures taken into place. For example, if the youth is complaining about unemployment, the government should find ways to create employment for them before they turn into criminal activities as their full time job. Democracy is not working well as the planet has already been destroyed and there is economic disparity which is a major problem as the economy of a country determines the stability of the people. Russel says that people voting has caused the current paradigm of looking into the government and political system in a different way which is not pleasant. The political system is broken, and the government is corrupt only serving their own interest.

The government ignores the population it was voted in to serve. After serving corporations and large institutions, the government ignores the citizens. When Russel is asked why he has never voted, he ironically says that he was busy with being a drug addict because he comes from the kind of social conditions that are exacerbated by an indifferent system. Therefore, the government in relation to its political system has failed the youth by failure to curb or minimize drug addict cases by either mentoring them or creating recreational facilities which they can join as part time. The government is not doing enough justice to its people. It is the duty of the government as well as of politicians to serve us. Apathy should come from the politicians as they apathies with our needs but not from us, the people.

Revolution is much needed. A revolution where there will be no economic disparity in the nation, where 300 Americans will have the same wealth as their 85 million poorest Americans. There are real and legitimate problems which the government is not willing to handle. The poor are exploited all over the world, and no one is addressing such issues. We are calling for change and urgent need. The american government and political system have therefore failed the people, and revolution are the only way forward. Change in leadership will improve America by creating employments for the youth, poverty reduction and discrimination among others. In addition, the political system is broken as politicians serve their own interests and those of corporations very evident in the case of Tories taking the EU to court because they are trying to curtail bank bonuses. It is time for Americans to rise and say enough is enough, change is adamant.


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