Application Essay for Stanford University. Paper Example

Published: 2023-03-21
Application Essay for Stanford University. Paper Example
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Despite the provision of quality goods and services being the primary goal of starting a business entity, researching opportunities to improve revenue and reduce costs matters most to me. Across three generations, my family has been the oldest BMW Group (BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce) importers in the world. Both my grandfather and father have led the company successfully through incredibly challenging times, including the fifteen-year civil war. Many investors have invested in the automobile importing business and competition has made a lot of companies struggle. I want to acquire more knowledge on means to increase the company revenues minimizing the costs incurred in the importation and selling of the automobiles. As such, inhering both the responsibility and the burden of the company is an active choice; and a challenge I am equipping myself for after taking over the company.

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Making money through profit gained can be good news to tell your friends and relatives in a family gathering. 'This year, I am opening a new branch for the company.' To make such a statement require a lot of skills, and the Stanford University Business School MBA program offers a range of these skills. The scope of the electives provided is appealing for my MBA choice. I plan on pursuing the finance and strategy tracks. This course promises to cover most of these challenges and opportunities, which makes me excited already. Fresh thinking, innovation, and out-of-the-box products are promising. With your help, I will inject new perspectives into my workplace and the industry in general. Besides, the reputation of LBS in Europe and globally is powerfully attractive. The institution stands alongside Ivy League business institutions and leaders in innovation. I am confident that it provides unparalleled opportunities for global networking.

I aspire to become the head of the company, which is the sole importer of 5 car brands in the country. To supervise the most talented workforces in the country, I need top-of-the-range skills and competencies as a leader.

Adventures and the discovery of new cultures are what excites me the most. I have been fortunate enough to live in 3 different countries and visit more than 30, ranging from Lapland in the north of Sweden to the Patagonian national parks in the south of Chile. Traveling and exploring is what continuously renews my sense of excitement and quenches my thirst for learning.

I'm also a sports fanatic. I play football twice a week and the box once a week. The remaining days I go to the gym to stay in good shape. During winter I spend my weekends in the mountains where I ski. My father competed in the skiing competition in the Olympic Games, making this outstanding sport growing up. I contested in Lebanon and also represented my country abroad on several occasions. I enjoy watching football games live. The fact that 5 of the actual 20 premier league teams are London based is excellent. I am also passionate about cars and big engines and love driving on racetracks. It gives me an adrenaline rush second to none.

I am interested in the global and local economy and the stock market. I've been trading all sorts of instruments such as Stocks, Options, and CFDs actively for the past five years with good returns. I'm fascinated by everything related to the advancement of technology, whether it's hardware or software. Also, I have always been a gamer. This hobby is quickly becoming a competitive advantage due to the meteoric rise of the industry in terms of participants and revenue. Lastly, I love everything related to history and geography, whether it's visiting a war museum, watching a documentary or, reading a book about the struggles of civilizations and all the elements shaping our earth. At the moment, I'm reading Tim Marshall's book Prisoners of Geography.

Aspirations and Stanford University

Since a kid, I've always aspired to run a business entity. A multinational company. Stanford GSB aims at providing people with core skills vital for leading any organization. The university's program provides adequate knowledge on spotting a business gap, strategic policies, legalities, and market analysis, which are essential in starting and ensuring the competitiveness of a business firm.

Another aspiration is to become a perfect problem solver. Problems arise in all sorts of settings- social, economic and political. In the commercial environment, low-profit margins, competition, personnel, technological levels, and legalities can affect businesses positively or negatively. I want to acquire every possible knowledge and wisdom that can help me to make critical decisions that can solve any problem in the firm. Stanford GSB aims to provide students with the knowledge to enable them to stay relevant and help students recognize the role they can have in addressing significant societal challenges. The experience I'll acquire will help me to solve any problem in various business settings, changing the organizations and the world at large.

I also aspire to further my studies. Because I find business's intricacy so amazing, business administration and its related subjects are the most enjoyable topics for me. After my undergraduate studies at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and masters' studies at IE Business School, Madrid, I thought there is a need to add more knowledge about businesses. Stanford GSB students have access to the deep academic resources across Stanford University's seven world-famous schools, all within walking distance of each other, and all set against the energy of Silicon Valley making it easier to gain more knowledge in business administration. Stanford GSB curriculum uses scientific methodologies and cutting-edge frameworks, including design-thinking methods which encourage innovative solutions and leadership development, thus provision of further learning to students.

I also aspire to be a good team leader and collaborator. To acquire unique and quality skills and personnel from different people, there is a need to collaborate with other organizations. Stanford GSB curriculum has a highly collaborative culture designed to encourage teamwork to foster the development of innovative solutions to complex problems.

Candidacy for Harvard University

After finishing my master's degree in Management, I felt like I needed to reapply for an MBA course in business administration at Harvard University. The reason for pursuing another course is I am a hard-working person as an individual. My responsibilities are not limited to the above as I also research and identify growth opportunities to improve revenue (turnover 70M) and reduce costs. Through my acceptance to Harvard University, I will acquire more knowledge in business administration, making me be in a position to improve the revenue turnover from 70 million to 140 million after a year of doing the same business.

I am a trustworthy and honest person. The two qualities have made me gain trust among the employees and board of governors within Bassoul Heneine Sal, Beirut, where I work from October 2007 as the deputy general manager. Responsible for overall profitability sales and services for this volume dealership, which generates more than 70 million USD annually in sales revenue I report to the board of directors monthly to present and discuss the generated reports from different departments and to validate the upcoming quarter figures and KPIs. I also communicate business goals with the BMW Regional Office in Dubai, with whom I am always in contact. I frequently visit the Dubai office to prepare and review the business plan, improve operations, review the pricing of products and services and discuss the budget and support.

I am time conscious person. My daily routine starts by visiting the workshop in the morning, a 10 minutes briefing with the service and workshop manager to discuss the throughputs, technical issues, active customers, and customer satisfaction, among other topics. I then head to the new car sales showroom and meet with the sales and marketing team to evaluate the current stock, sales target, sales quota, and activities. Monthly meetings with the sales department differ from the morning briefings where we discuss retail volume, sales channel targets and used cars target. In the afternoon, I oversee the sales operations and approve pending deals. Planning is a vital aspect in our business, creating and managing budgets, developing and implementing growth strategies, and overseeing all employees I am also responsible for the growth of the sub-dealer network covering the whole country (12 subsidiaries). By attending Harvard university and having enough knowledge of business administration, I will be in a position to have the ability to gain all the qualities that a business administrator should have to make the company`s working environment-friendly for all the employees in Bassoul Heneine Sal.

I am a manager in nature. I manage a team of fifteen employees in Bassoul Heneine Sal, Beirut. Manage sales team on many occasions, set sales targets, monitoring, motivating, problem-solving, and developing an effective incentive scheme. I also monitor the profitability of the workshop and spare parts division and development of effective operational and marketing strategies to enhance profitability and increase market share. A chance at Harvard university is the best way to improve this quality since the school is best known for producing best entrepreneurs globally who are in a position to start and manage all types of businesses in the market.

Personality Profile

I'm a diligent individual. I believe that anything a person decides to do; he/she has to channel in all their efforts to realize the fruits. I have developed, prepared, and ensured successful launches of new products in all the Lebanese market and this strategy has enabled the company to create a loyalty program that increased customer loyalty by 12% and as a result, the sales have significantly improved hence increasing the profit margin of the business. In many cases, I collaborate with internal agency resources, such as creative employees within the workplace that I manage. I use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others which we use to advertise our products online and to increase the number of customers when those using the platforms are aware of our products and increase sales, CRM, Media, Digital Marketing, Web among others to execute planned strategies and campaign Determine and manage the marketing budget for all portfolio. Insead University through acquiring knowledge in masters in MBA Human Resources Management will enable me to know on the trend of business in the global market

I'm an organized individual where I have a daily routine waking up at four, hit the gym for thirty minutes. It enables me to manage the stress I encounter on many occasions as the deputy general manager of Bassoul Heneine Sal, As an intern in Union Bancaire Privee, London, I got a promotion and became the head of my fellow interns in Risk Management. My acceptance in the institution will enable me to shape my qualities and become the best manager as I always dream of since I was young and even after graduating from college hence making me pursue further education to have more knowledge on what I aim to do in the future.

My weakness as an individual has been nearsightedness. I tend to focus on what is currently happening in a business and forget to look for better solutions and innovations to a simple process. Resistance to change in the system is my other weakness. I tend to stick to the way-I-have-always-done-it so long the business is thriving.

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