Importance of Humanities, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-04-27
Importance of Humanities, Free Essay for Everyone
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Many people have argued that it is a waste of time and resources to study humanities. It is also believed that it is not a beneficial course for students to take due to the perceived lower financial implications in the future, especially when the students would assume employment, than students pursuing sciences and engineering courses (Koc 14-15). Contrary to popular perceptions, the study of humanities has shown that students can acquire skills that can not only enable them to solve complex problems but also give them all-important excellent communication skills.

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Due to the increase in demand for technology-related disciplines, humanities have not been taken seriously by most people and, therefore, current generation does not have sufficient knowledge of humanities. As a result, current generation lacks knowledge about their environment and, therefore, cannot reason and communicate with other people effectively in diverse settings (Koc 14-15). Technology advances with time to meet society needs as they arise, motivating most people to focus more on sciences to create innovations which have the potential to enhance the quality of human life. However, it is not science alone that improves the quality of human life. Humanities allow most people to perform visual art which is an essential element of humanity that increases the quality of life. Medical doctors need good communication skills and also need to understand different cultures of patients to deliver quality care. Humanities become in handy in this context. With the help of the work of various humanities scholars, cultural values of different people can be understood. As such, through the exploration of humanities, it is possible to develop skills such as creative thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills (Koc 14).Therefore, humanities are critical in the academic discourse of humankind.

Studying humanities helps students to reflect on events that happened in the past and the transformation that the world has undergone up to our modern times. It builds the ability of people to reflect on the mistakes that were committed by earlier generations and the good things that have been accomplished by others (Koc 20). Evidently, the dedication of humanities scholarship conserves the triumphs of the past and gives people the opportunity to explore the world by providing the appropriate tools to predict the future. This is critical for the perpetuation of the human race.

Humanities further provide a rewarding career. The study of humanities provides the students with different skills that employers require. The skills and knowledge acquired in learning humanities make students fit in different careers such as education and journalism, which have proved to reward handsomely. Furthermore, it provides greater flexibility at different levels. That is to say, the students who have pursued humanity degree have a broad base of opportunities due to their qualification to work in different fields. This is because humanities are offered in a variety of programs within the undergraduate program and, therefore, students can explore a wider area of study (Koc 14, 20-21).

Finally, the study of humanities helps learners to understand and acknowledge human experience. The study of philosophy allows one to think ethically and engage in critical learning while engaging in their areas of occupation on a daily basis. In particular, philosophy has helped shape the formation and operations of world governments. As a result, sound policies have been formulated and implemented for a better quality of life through socioeconomic development (Koc 20-21).This means that democracy would not be appreciated as it is appreciated today in a learning environment where STEM subjects alone are emphasized

Part 2

Humanities can be experienced beyond the classroom through attending music festivals and visiting museums. From the museums, students observe different historical images that they cannot encounter in the classroom. In a museum, there are very many artworks which depict animals that gone extinct. I learned that there are some animals that have been reported to have gone extinct but they are still in existence. Such animals include La Gomera Giant Lizard, Coelacanth, and Sea Mink

From the Museum trip, I leaned that this lizard avoided detection by hiding in desert and people thought that it had extinct. This lizard is assumed to have disappeared for more than four hundred years and had been identified again (Friedman 246). I, therefore, believed that there are other animals that have been identified as extinct yet they still live.

I also saw sea mink which has been found to have lived along the coast of Maine. This animal overhunted because of the value of its fur and became extinct in the 19th century (Friedman 246-47).

The fish represented in above photo has also been assumed to have been swept into extinction. This fish looks very beautiful and it is very rare (Friedman 246). Most people who visit the Museum ask questions about the fish because it is strange and not easy to find. From the visit, I learned that there are some animals that extinct because of human activities such as hunting.

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