Paper Example: Apple Product

Published: 2023-09-14
Paper Example: Apple Product
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In marketing, the product is something that can be provided to a bazaar that might have the ability to satisfy a need or a want, and in retail, these products are referred to as merchandise. In manufacturing, these products are procured as raw materials as well as sold as complete products. Commodities are raw materials like agricultural products and metals; nevertheless, the term can as well refer to anything that is widely accessible in the market. Products can either be tangible meaning the product can be perceived through touching, and these may include gadget, vehicles, or building. Still, a product can be integrable, and these can be perceived indirectly, and these may include products like an insurance policy (Bhasin). This paper discusses the Apple product and its marketing strategy as well as the ways of improving marketing strategies.

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Analysis of The Apple Product

The development process of Apple product is one of the utmost successful enterprise methods that have ever been instigated. With the corporation nearing on turning to be the first one trillion-dollar corporate organization in the world, designers can still learn a lot of things from Apple as well as introduce what they learn in their design environment. For the designers to have the assurance that the produced product fulfils the vision of the company, the design is put in front. The British designer, along with the team of designing lead the firm and they are not expected to deliver the report to any office whether the manufacturing, finance or any other department. They are granted free restraint to custom their finances plus are granted the aptitude to ignore the trade practicalities.

When the team of designing activities on a new-flagged merchandise later, they are separated from other business of Apple. They may contrivance corporal panels to hinder the group from networking with other staffs from Apple in the day. The group is also separated from the pecking order of the outmoded Apple at this opinion. They generate their reporting edifices and deliver the report unswervingly to the managerial team. As a result, they are left to focus on their design instead of their daily minutiae. The information concerning the process of the novel product is provided to the team of development immediately after starting the work. Every stage of its design process is put in details hence elaborating it to make the process clear to the development team (Bhasin). Its main idea here is to outline the phases the product conception group will pass, the people who will be accountable for distributing the ultimate product, individual who works on different phases, as well as the place of work and the expected date for the product to be complete.

Marketing Strategy and How to Improve Them

Currently, Apple product has various marketing strategies. To begin with, Apple makes marketing as well as their product simple. The company understands that consumers of technology often get overwhelmed. That is true not only with Apple company but also with other industries and niches. Overwhelming can lead to misperception in the marketing mix. Apple uses this as a marketing strategy and helps the consumer to reduce confusion via simplifying their web as well as the sales copy. They avoid entirely industry and jargon items and make use of the simple as well as direct words, and they go on to emphasize the benefits that customers require. This is their intelligence part in gratified marketing, and high technology without rapports for the technology and this does not cause a lot of confusion to the customers.

There are some of the ways that can be used to improve this strategy of making the product and marketing simple. One way is by encouraging g employees not to use confusing words or to name the products I names that are complicated. Simple words make it easy for the customers to understand the use of the product, thus, making the use of that product simple. Another way the manager may request the employees to be equipped with various names referring to one product to save consumers who have a challenge of understanding a particular product (Interaction Design Foundation). By this, the marketing strategy becomes improved and marketing the product to different customers become easy.

Another marketing strategy used by the company is knowing the audience and communicating to them using their language. In marketing, this strategy has made several products well known to various people regardless of where the customers come from in the entire world. In this strategy, every website for Apple product mention about technical details and as well as product specification. They are used to put these details below the pleat because invitees for Apple site first scroll the attractive images for the products to get the clear benefits of the products. The words that are easy to understand and the ones that are known to the customers such as retina display, LED backlighting, and many others are used first, and then the complicated words will follow if there is a need to include them (Luenendonk). Apple is aware of its customers, and as a result, they have developed loyalty with its customers in the market share.

The use of different languages is essential when it comes to marketing. One way of improving this strategy is by employing workers who communicate more than one common language to make it easy to reach every customer with the used language (Interaction Design Foundation). When a customer is approached with the language that he or she is comfortable with becomes easy to understand the product and its benefit.


Apple product is a vital product to several people and companies. The company has the rules and responsibilities that govern it, and all employees are used to them. It also has various marketing strategies that it needs to improve on to reach various customers and fulfil their needs. It is easy for the customer to understand the product, its uses, and benefits when he or she is approached with a comfortable language.

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