Free Personal Essay: I and History

Published: 2019-11-08
Free Personal Essay: I and History
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1970- I was born during this time and brought up in Fairbanks AK. This is the time when the Secession war started as I was told by my mother. During this time, the aspects of the United States change and the military excitement was witnessed during this time. There was a strange mixture of the war between the Northern and the Southern militants (Tuchman & May, 2005). This event is important because it reminds me of why I was raised in Fairbanks AK. It is because the area had tight security and many people were moving to seek refuge in those areas. The war was spearheaded by the political upheavals in the two regions.

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1980- This is the time when I started to play hockey. Even though I was still young, I was introduced to hockey, and I trained. This historical period coincides with a historical conference that was held by Martin Luther in Wannsee. During the conference, Martin warned of the difficulties affecting the Scandinavian countries mainly the Denmark and Norway (Tuchman & May, 2005). The Scandinavian countries had been invaded and thus the blacks were being humiliated. Thus, Martin had a proposal that the blacks be deported from the Scandinavian countries for that period.

1989- This is the time when I got married after high school. It was at this time that Mr. Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated at Washington. The period was then followed by several even successions. For example, the national flag was raised as a sign of respecting the appointment of Abraham Lincoln after his inauguration (Tuchman, 2001). The event was important to the Americans because it provided an opportunity for them to be served by Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was inaugurated after he came from Berlin. The historical event is significant to me because it provides an opportunity to understand how Abraham Lincoln hold the presidency of the United States of America.

1989-1997- This was a period when I was serving in the military for the first time. I experienced the military service and how to defend the country. It was during this period that Abraham Lincoln was also murdered. The historic event is significant because it reminds me of the events that followed after the murder of Abraham Lincoln (Tuchman, 2001). The event resulted in the upheavals in the country and thus peaceful coexistence in the country was also shaken during this period. Assassinations were witnessed during this time, and more people died as a result. It was this time that I realized the importance of peace in the country. While dispensing my duties in the military, I learned that the country is important and can only remain peaceful if there is mutual coexistence among the people.

2001-This is the time when I started skydiving and also learned the tactics of freefall photographer. I also received tandem instructions during this period. At this time, I had also been involved in the military deportation to the countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. At this period, the American country had also started to deport the Western Europeans. It was known that after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the Americans feared that the country might also experience the same in future and thus it was important to keep of the foreigners (Arendt, 1964). The historical event is significant because it provides an understanding of the Western European deportation.

2014-2015- This was the period when I retired from the military and also quite skidding due to some healthy problems which I was developing (Arendt, 1964). The period when a gorgeous procession of the European feudalism was witnessed. Thus, the United States was also branded the most powerful nation in the world. The historical event is important because it provides an understanding of the United States economic, political and social improvements.


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