How Do Choices Shape Your Destiny? Free Essay about O.J. Simpson

Published: 2022-03-24
How Do Choices Shape Your Destiny? Free Essay about O.J. Simpson
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O.J. Simpson was an exemplary sportsman, actor, and broadcaster. People adored him all over the country. His long and industrious career in football started way back when he was at the University of South is here while playing for the Trojan he won the Heisman trophy in nineteen sixty-eight. He was later drafted by the Buffalo Bills as a professional footballer. His stint as a running back run for more than ten years. He was the darling of the American people. He symbolized the true definition of the American dream. A person who has just come from a family that is not doing so well and has made it in life. But because of his life choices, the world and the Americans view him differently now. He was tried for murder in a much-publicized case and was later acquitted. In the year two thousand and seven, he was charged in Las Vegas for a string of felony counts including, robbery, assault, criminal conspiracy, and use of a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to thirty-three years in jail and the possibility of parole after nine years.

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O.J. Simpson case is one among many instances of people whose choices have shaped their destiny. If he had made better life choices he wouldn't have gone to jail. He lost nine years of his life which he can't get back. As human beings, we have authority over our destiny. Some scholars say fate and destiny are one and the same thing. But according to my understanding, they are different. For instance, if one goes to a club drinking and calls for a cub and still gets an accident that's fate. But when one goes drinking and decides to drive himself and gets an accident that is destiny because he had a choice to make. The choices we make help us to grow as individuals. We should always exercise caution with our thoughts, as these convictions can turn into words. The words should also be approached cautiously as they can become actions. If not careful the actions can turn into daily habits. The habits can metamorphosize into your character. One's character can either shape your destiny positively or negatively. For Mr. Simpson, it led to him being jailed.

In conclusion, it's an individual choice that decides that decide his or her destiny. If one wants to excel in any career be it sport or education you have to make tough choices. Small decisions that look insignificant can add up and before you know it, you are on a different path than you anticipated. By the time you realize that the course has changed, it is too late for you to turn back. If you don't notice early enough the path you're heading is doomed then you will definitely be doomed at the end of the journey. Time waits for no man and each choice we make in life is critical. It will determine whether you will be successful or not in life. It is only through choices we can shape our destiny. Mr. Simpson had the choice of reforming and living on a straight and narrow path. But his choice of path betrayed him, as he ended up being incarcerated for his actions. Ladies and gentlemen the key to our destiny is our choices. You are the potter of your life. Mold and shape it well and your destiny will be on the right path.

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