Purpose Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-15
Purpose Essay Example
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Purpose Of Life

An individual's purpose consists of the intentions they have concerning their lives. A purpose is one of the main reasons as to why people act in specific ways through their lifetime. Everyone in the world has a purpose. However, the purposes we possess differ since we have different values, strength and interests that define our unique ambitions. The various kinds of purpose that people have can be grouped into different targeted categories that largely define their lifestyle. Under such categories, individuals usually set relating goals since the categories usually have a close relation that influences each other. In consideration of a student's life, for example, their purpose may fit into categories such as educational, career, and personal goals.

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In my case, my personal life purpose is to leave a healthy and stress-free life by always being mindful of what I eat and do. My great grandparents who are still alive to date are the once who have motivated me to pursue this purpose. Their healthy life style has enabled them to stay alive, happily and disease free for almost a century. I also purpose to be known as a person who helped and inspired many. The actualization of this purpose maybe influenced loss of focus and interests. However, I intend to actualize this purpose by one, focusing in ensuring that my family members and I live a comfortable life with most of the resources that we desired at our disposal. Two, I plan to be always there to help my friends and workmates in dealing with problems by offering forms of assistance such as their financial support, advice and any other kind of aid that may be within my ability. Three, I intend to give back to the community by regularly making donations to various charitable organizations and offering of non-financial contribution such as advice and mentorship to individuals who would like to join my career line. I will also help and encourage people to follow their dreams and to always believe in them.

My educational purpose is to gain the necessary knowledge in exercise science which is my field of study. This would enable me to graduate with a good grade that would thus allow me easily secure a career in exercise science. The knowledge I would have gained would also be helpful since it would enable me to know how to carry out my duties while at work effectively. I know that actualizing my educational purpose would not be that easy due to various factors such as, peer pressure, miss-communication, and laziness that may lead me to lose focus. I have thus personally vowed to combat such factors by; one, ensuring that I relate with friends who value education. Two, always ensure I understand what we have been taught and what is expected of us. Three, I will make an effort to attend all the classes. Four, I will allocate enough time to research further on what we would have been taught and also on the assignments given to us. Five, I will always remind myself of my academic goals thus ensuring that I stay motivated to continue working hard. The strong academic culture enforced in Valencia would also help me in achieving my academic purpose since it would ensure that I stay focused on my studies.

Business and Career

In my career, I purpose to first, secure a job in relation to exercise science. I intend to actualize this purpose by creating links with people working in industries that relate to exercise science, send my job application letters to firms that require services relating to this career line and attend seminars organized by individuals under the same career line. Second, ensure that I give my best in my duties as expected of me by my employer. I would make sure that I always give my best by taking the time to understand the task given to me, utilize the skills and knowledge I would have gained from Valencia, consult my superiors and work mates in cases where I don't understand the task given to me, and cross-examine my work to ensure they are error free.

Third, to amicably work with my workmates to create a positive change in the company where necessary thus benefiting the company and us. I know by engaging in a friendly interaction with my fellow employees as I have with my classmates and friends in Valencia, I will be able to influence my work mates to join heads with me and find ways of making our organization better to the benefit of us as employees and the organization itself. Fourth, to start and grow my company that relates to my career line. Culminating my career by starting my own business that relates to exercise science would make me attain the maximum fulfillment in my career this is because it would have enabled me to leave a legacy. I intend to ensure that I fulfill this purpose through utilizing the knowledge and experience that I would have acquired through time while learning in Valencia, and working for the firms that would have employed me.

In conclusion, I acknowledge that for one to be able to fulfill their purpose, they have to set effective strategies that ensure that they focus on their goals and also take the appropriate actions. I intend to always avoid engaging in activities that would distract me and to always do my best. I also plan to regularly cross-examine my efforts enabling me to note my strengths and weaknesses. I would thus ensure that I actualize my purpose by capitalizing on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.

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