Free Essay Example. An Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2023-01-18
Free Essay Example. An Annotated Bibliography
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When it comes to writing for both students and researchers in academic work, an annotated bibliography is a great tool that contributes to their coming up with great and appealing work that impacts positively on their intended audience and gives the results of the research as expected.

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The annotated bibliography prepares one to come up with an effective literature review that plays the role of making them understand the broader issue that is being dealt with in the scope. In other words, the writing of the annotated bibliography in any academic work makes the writer or researcher all the ideas on the truth of the subject matter as written by several authors (Baetens & Poucel, 2010). At this point, therefore, it is easy for them to get to prepare a literature review from sources that are credible and have relevant information regarding the issue of concern whereby they show how these different authors view the issue and the relevance of it general.

It would not be enough of a policy analyst to carry out internet research and give results and or findings on an issue based on this research. This would render the whole research seem to be shallow in that it gives no support on the relevancy of the issue that is being discussed (Baetens & Poucel, 2010). The annotated bibliography will be missing and it's very important for it to be included in any kind of research to act as the basis on which the issue is based for a clear understanding.

There are a lot of challenges that come in when writing an annotated bibliography and a literature review at the same time. The main issue is that the transition from the annotated bibliography to the literature review is not anything easy for the writers. It tends to be uneasy to show the difference between the annotated bibliography and the literature review. However, there is a big difference between the two. The best thing to know is that the annotated bibliography gives the sources that prove the relevance and credibility of the issue. On the other hand, the literature review is just a listing and discussion of sources from authors who have expressed their different views on this policy issue whether supporting or disagreeing from it (Lingard, 2017). The transition should be in that the writer should explain in each section the main purpose of either the annotated bibliography or the literature review and they should come in different parts. From the annotated bibliography which acts as the basis of the writing, the writer should have an explanation that the literature review shows the various authors who have different views on the subject matter or rather the issue.

There are certain errors that are made by writers when they are writing a literature review in their work. Some of the errors are including sources that do not much the issue that is discussed in the annotated bibliography and in this case, there occurs a contradiction of the ideas. Another error that should be avoided is the use of sources that have not been proven to be credible in the literature review.


Writing a great annotated bibliography is a great tool for the writer to come up with the best literature review as well. Therefore it will be a good thing to ensure that the annotated bibliography that is written is done in a great way and greatly focuses on the main issue that is being researched.


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