America's Industrial Revolution: A Turning Point for Employment - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-14
America's Industrial Revolution: A Turning Point for Employment - Essay Sample
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America got its independence quite early as it was around the year 1877. The country has had several significant events, including the attainment of freedom, where the development graph started to rise. I know about the industrial revolution that began in Europe and later spread to America. The event took place for more than a century now, and it was the turning point for America and the employment sector. The industrial revolution in the United States of America was influential, and almost every American could feel the impact of the period. The workers, too, were substantially affected as things got better for them. However, as time went by, something changed in the employment sector as the workers experienced several hardships. The working conditions started to become weak and oppressive policies were implemented by various employers in different industries. Nevertheless, America's economy was experiencing tremendous growth as the revolution led to the creation of jobs, thus bettering the living standards of the population. Additionally, the American government was able to collect taxes, which facilitated dramatic economic growth.

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At the early stages, people were touched positively by the events, and the entire government was impressed. The development story of America started as there were significant transformations in the industries and employment of the population. However, as time passed, the revolution continued to succeed, but things were not getting better for the industry employees. The employees were mistreated, and the working conditions got even worse. Low wages for them, long working hours, among other harassments, were evident. For these reasons, there was an outcry from the employees accusing their employers of mistreating them and oppressing them. The industries continued to mushroom throughout the country hence requiring more labor force. As a result, black people migrated into America as they were looking for employment.

Benefits of Industrialization

Even with the benefits of industrialization, the issues were rampant and evident such that the workers got to the point of downing their tools, boycotting, and striking. The strikes were significant such that the industries started to become paralyzed. The operations were halted to substantial levels. The paralyzing of the activities in the sectors was substantial. The government revenue got from taxes declined, and it was at this time that the government decided to come in to help solve the issues. The workers would then choose their representatives. The employers did the same, and the government had its representatives to facilitate a meeting with the three stakeholders to get a solution. During the standoff period, workers formed unions that were instrumental in airing their problems to the necessary channels. Thus, among the significant results of this period, I find it meaningful that labor unions were formed and helped advocate for the rights of the employees.

After the stakeholders' meeting, labor unions were enhanced and became more powerful to fight for the rights of the employees. Additionally, agreements were made among the stakeholders who offered a solution to the problems that were experienced earlier. As a result, there was integration, and utmost regard of team players in various sectors, and the industrialization was revamped. Better working conditions for the employees were put in place, allowing better payments, among other benefits. The significance of this period is that the entire sector of employment was structured where all the stakeholders were considered equally. Currently, America has strong labor unions that commenced during that period.

Moreover, the employees in America are among the middle-class citizens, hence enhancing better living standards and allowing steady growth of the economy. The future of America is excellent in terms of labor requirements, respect for laborers, and employees. America is among the world's most industrialized nations where the citizens pride themselves on the excellent economy of modern America.

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