American Heroes and Heroines: Celebrating Their Courageous Acts

Published: 2022-12-27
American Heroes and Heroines: Celebrating Their Courageous Acts
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A hero or heroine is a renowned person for his or important qualities or courageous acts. They do things that an ordinary person cannot do. Acts of heroism can be found in communication, literary works, and pieces of art, historical facts, and legendary oral stories. Heroes and heroines are an essential part of the continuation and development of a society. Many a time they represent particular aspects of a culture ( Editors, 2019). Many American heroes and heroines have fulfilled important purposes in history. For instance, Dr. Betty Shabazz. This article focuses on her heroic acts and demonstrates as well the type of heroine she was.

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Dr. Betty Shabazz is an American born on, May 28, h1934 at Betty Dean Sanders. Due to abuse from her mother, Ollie Mae Sanders, Dr. Betty Shabazz began living with Helen and Lorenzo Malloy at the age of 11 years. Helen Malloy was a local activist and Lorenzo Malloyi, a businessman. Helen organized boycotts against African Americans discrimination ( Editors, 2019). Despite the activism, the Malloys never spoke with Betty Shabazz about racism. After high school, Dr. Betty Shabazz left the Malloys in Detroit. She went to study at Tuskegee University formerly the Tuskegee Institute where she intended to become a teacher. Dr. Betty Shabazz was married to Malcolm X, a human rights activist. The couple was blessed with six daughters. She died in the year 1997 after she suffered burns over 80% of her body due to the fire that was set by her grandson Malcolm.

Betty Shabazz was an educationist and civil rights activist; she fought for human rights, education, and crucial issues regarding women and children ( Editors, 2019). In 1956, Betty joined a group known as the Nation of Islam, after attending lectures of Malcolm X. It is during this time that Betty began to acknowledge racism in America publicly. Betty used public lectures to air her issues. However, her speeches did not challenge white supremacy in the manner of her husband's orations. After earning a Master's degree in public health administration from Jersey City State College, Betty held part-time positions at colleges in the New York area. At the colleges, she taught childhood health care and remedial reading. Later, she joined Medgar Evers College where she eventually became the director of public relations at the college.

All heroic stories consist of typical Stages of the Heroine's paradigm. This is commonly considered as her journey. The ordinary world is evident in the life of Dr. Betty Shabazz. The everyday world allows identifying Betty's ideas, drives, and problems, besides showing flaws and unique characteristics. For instance, for Betty, her ordinary world is her home, Detroit, where she lived with the Malloys. For Betty, this was the haven which can be easily compared to the journey outcome.

Conquerers possess various qualities demonstrating what they are good at. The qualities are always essential skills that makes the champions face overwhelming odds and have chances of success. Dr. Betty Shabazz pursued nursing, education and health administration during her study ( Editors, 2019). The knowledge saw her achieve more as an educationist heroine as she was able to give speeches regarding racism and human rights.

From this article about Dr. Betty Shabazz, it is evident that skill is part of heroism. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne was an Irish hero who was part of 'Fianna' a small Irish war band. His achievements can be traced to 2nd to 4th Century. He killed 3,400 warriors single-handedly. The victory was attributed to his skills as a warrior. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne is among the greatest mythical heroes.

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