Amanda Writing a Letter to Tom. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-09-25
Amanda Writing a Letter to Tom. Essay Example.
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Hallo Tom, as your mother, I have decided to write this letter to you so as to seek advice. You are the first born of the family and the breadwinner, and I think that I should let you know about all the decisions that I make. I believe that a problem a half shared is a problem answered. As a mother, I think that I should involve my children in the decision-making process when it comes to matters related to the family. I am very disappointed that Laura, who wears a brace on her leg, is shy. We are living in a dynamic environment where education is the key to success. The uneducated people tend to suffer people they have no people to support them. Thus, I have even gone further to enroll your sister Laura to a business college hoping that she will build her life and her familys fortune through the business career I enrolled her in. The other reason for taking her to college was to ensure that she gets rid of her shyness because education is supposed to transform people. I also believed that she will be able to support herself since I like seeing all my children become successful. As I have always told you, I want everyone in the family to become successful. I am currently struggling to educate her since I am an abandoned wife and a single mother who lives in a small flat in St. Louis. However, I am disappointed because she cannot recognize my efforts to educate her as a girl child. I have come to learn that Lauras shyness has made her drop out of school secretly. People are telling me that she spends all the days wandering in the city alone. Since I have realized that Laura is ungrateful for what I have been doing to her as a mother, I have decided that her hope lies only in marriage. I have even started selling magazines subscriptions so as to earn extra money which I believe will help attract suitors for Laura.

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Tom, I would like that you can advise me whether as a mother, I have made the right decision. Is marriage the only hope for Laura? It hurts sending a child to school and all of a sudden, you start getting news that the child has dropped out of school and is wondering alone in the city. I also would like you to talk your sister. I have spoken to her on various occasions about the benefits of education, and she seems not to listen to me. She seems to have low self-esteem because she is physically challenged. I have let her understand that being physically challenged cannot hinder a person from succeeding. When talking to her, try to tell her that not to have low self-esteem because she is physically challenged. It is a condition like any other. As your mother, I now delegate this responsibility to you. Try to talk to Laura and make her understand that education is the key to success and to become successful in life, one has to work hard in his or her studies. As the learned person in the family, I want you to talk to Laura and see whether she can view the world from another perspective. I look forward to hearing from you.

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