Free Essay: Alternate Ending of The Great Gatsby Novel

Published: 2022-02-21
Free Essay: Alternate Ending of The Great Gatsby Novel
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The Great Gatsby is an English novel written by an author called Scott Fitzgerald which was published in the year 1925 10th April. Scribner's published this novel in April 2005. It was poorly sold and got reviews and 20, 0000 copies were sold. When Scott Fitzgerald the author of this novel decided to write it in the year 1924, he had the aim of creating his masterpiece literary. He was able to give a story that is free from volubility without being as blunt, short and robotic. The author begins every chapter with music through the summer nights from the neighbor's house (Zhao, 2017). The story mainly talks about a mysterious and young millionaire called Jay Gatsby with his toxic obsession and passion for the former debutante Daisy Buchanan who is beautiful. This novel focuses on decadence idealism themes, social upheaval, change resistance, and excess, thereby creating Jazz Age portraits or Roaring Twenties which have been explained as a tale that is cautious about the American Dream.

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Fitzgerald was inspired into writing this novel by the parties which he attended during the time when he visited Long Island's Northshore. In the year 1923, he started the novel planning, with a desire in his words to produce something extraordinary, new, simple, beautiful and patterned intricately. The progress of completing this draft was slow for Fitzgerald in 1924 following a French Riviera move. Over the next winter, Maxwell Perkins who was his editor had a feeling that the novel was ambiguous and pleaded with him and asked him to do a revision of it (Giles, 2015). Fitzgerald was a number of times uncertain about the title of the book and made consideration of a number of solutions, including titles that described Trimalchio who was a roman character and the title that he desired lastly and documented was 'under the Red, White, and Blue'.

Gatsby's parent's farm people who were unsuccessful and shiftless and his imagination had never managed to accept his parents all the days of his life. He was God's son which meant that it brings a meaning about the business of his father, the vast service, vulgar and admirable beauty. This made him start the type of Jay Gatsby that an old boy who is seventeen years old would have the interest to develop, and to the end, he was faithful. On page 88, we read that Most of the time Americans are always ready to serve as serfs. Gatsby smile was more than understanding and was one of the rare smiles that you met in life four to five times with an eternal quality reassurance.

This smile, for instance, was considered as the whole world which is eternal and with an unavoidable disadvantage in your favor had a concentration on you. Just like you would have wanted to believe in yourself, it did and had an impression on you at your best times that was hopeful. All this is read on page 48. On page 91, we realize that Gatsby had not stopped looking at Daisy once. Sometimes he was caught looking at his possessions in a way that is dazed as if in his eyes all this was not real anymore. This at times caused him a risk of toppling down a number of stairs. There was a gorgeous thing about him and his personality.

We also read about how Gatsby talked about his past a lot, how he had an interest in discovering something about himself that he did not know and mostly how he had ended up loving Daisy. From this time, he had confusion about his life and was not in order. He would only have all the answers that he needed maybe by returning to a starting place and go slowly going through it (Wang, 2017). Tom and Daisy were careless people who broke creatures and things into pieces and turned back into their huge amount of money or anything that made them stay together and left the mess that they made be cleaned by other people.

The end of this story talks about the green light believe that Gatsby had. He picked out the green light at the beginning on Daisy's dock end. To this blue lawn, he seemed to have come a way which is long and his dream is believed to have been close to him that failure to grasp it would be the worst experience in his life. He had no idea that it was behind him already, a place that was at the back, in the large hidden place that was beyond the city, where under the night, the republic dark fields rolled on (Wharton, 2015). Believe of Gatsby in the green light meant that year by year, the future that orgiastic reduces before us. During that time, it avoided us but it means that no matter what, our tomorrow must continue normally and run faster, we must farther stretch out our arms each and every fine morning. So we should move on, live in the moment and let the past be.

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