Essay Example: Advocacy Through Legislation

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Example: Advocacy Through Legislation
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Identify a problem or concern in your state, community, or organization that can be advocated through legislation. Research the issue and complete the sections below. For each topic that requires the listing of criteria, a minimum of two rules should be identified and discussed. Add more rows, as is appropriate for the topic/proposal.

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In no more than 250 words, describe the question, who is affected, and the current ramifications. Explain the consequences if the issue continues.

Cancer has been a significant health problem in Arizona for decades. It affects nearly all households in Arizona. Studies carried out on the state of disease in Arizona have indicated that approximately four people out of ten healthy individuals are mostly like to be affected by cancer in the future. Cancer-related deaths are rapidly increasing day by day. According to the reports released by the American Cancer Society in April 2014, new cancer infections recorded yearly in Arizona from 2010 to 2014 were approximately 30,000 annually. Nevertheless, the report revealed a devastating reality stating that 210 Arizonans die weekly due to cancer-related illnesses. The number keeps on rising yearly. The effects of cancer have raised concerns over the measures that need to be taken to counteract the problem. Some of these measures include the introduction of more cancer control and therapy centers. Medical insurance covers have also extended their insurance policy to cover some of the medical requirements of cancer patients. However, the insurance policy plans cover a portion of the cancer treatment which is not adequately meeting the medical needs of the people living with cancer. The insurance plans do not include financial constraints caused by disease, childcare and housekeeping, extensive medical care, and nursing expenses.

The Idea for Addressing the Solution

In no more than 250 words, outline your plan for addressing the issue and explain why legislation is the best course for advocacy.

The cancer problem calls for advocacy through legislation to create a comprehensive insurance policy plan that will cover a patient wholly. The available insurance policy plans depend on the financial position of an individual and their ability to raise the high premiums for the insurance coverage. Nevertheless, the available insurance covers are offered by private companies and do not cover patients after they are diagnosed with cancer. It is critically important to note that cancer is a health menace that affects both the rich and the poor. A significant portion of Arizona's population is made up of the poor who are unable to insure themselves against the effects of cancer. They do not have the financial capacity to fund recurrent medical attention, cancer therapy, and numerous cancer prescription drug. The situation needs attention from the administration of the state of Arizona. The legislative intervention can help alleviate the problem by addressing several pressing issues. First, there is a need to introduce a state-funded cancer insurance policy to help the poor who are the majority. Secondly, there is a need to create a legislative regulation that will direct insurance firms to cover patients after they are diagnosed with cancer. Thirdly, the state can pass laws that require employers to ensure their workers against cancer. The three legislative advocacy can significantly help Arizonians against the devastating effect of the disease.

Research the Issue

Perform research and compile information for your idea. Present substantive evidence-based findings that support your plan for addressing the problem (studies, research, and reports). Include any similar legislation introduced or passed in other states.

Evidence 1 Aflac insurance company is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. The company operates in 49 states in the country. The company has successfully implemented an insurance cover that assumes both the financial risks and all the medical care of cancer patients.

Evidence 2 Protective Paints is a paint manufacturing company in New Zealand. The company has a population of 700 employees whose work cells are in contact with fumes that have been associated with cancerous cells. The company has successfully implemented an insurance policy plan that covers some of its staff working in hazardous environments. Chongqing Tiger Co., Ltd, which is a tire manufacturing and supplying company has an insurance policy plan that covers its personnel against the skin and lung cancer.

Evidence 3 The state of Arizona, through the Arizona Cancer Control Plan instituted in 2014, has been effective in regulating and controlling the effects of cancer. The initiative has managed to introduce and implement environmentally conscious moves that various companies follow to reduce environmental pollution leading to increased cancer cases. Initial, it was hard for the state of Arizona to enforce these regulations and standards. Therefore, the success of the Arizona Cancer Control Plan is an indication of the possible success of the proposed legislative advocacy.

Stakeholder Support

Discuss the stakeholders who would support the proposed idea and explain why they would be in support.

Stakeholder(s) Supporting 1 The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) advocates for the needs of the workers. The idea partly targets the workers in an attempt to insure them against cancer. The plan also promotes the state administration to support by financing the project. Therefore, it will be in the best interest of the NLRA to help and to protect people against cancer.

Stakeholder(s) Supporting 2 Arizona Industrial Commission is directly affected by the idea. The idea touches one of its primary objective of providing a safe environment for the workers. One way of creating a safe working environment is by the introduction of rules and regulations that protect the workers from hazardous working conditions.

Stakeholder(s) Supporting 3 Employees in Arizona are the primary beneficiary of the idea. The idea aims at supporting their health through the introduction of workplace regulations that ensure that they work in a safe environment. The concept also proposes the submission of a form of a cancer insurance plan where both the employees and their employer contributes the premium in support of their health.

Stakeholder Opposition

Discuss the stakeholders who would oppose the proposed idea. Explain why they would be in opposition and how you would prepare to debate or converse about these considerations.

Stakeholder(s) Opposed 1 The employers are most likely to oppose the idea because the idea requires them to incur substantial costs when insuring their employees. However, the proposed design can work just like the typical retirement benefits where both the employee and the employer contribute a considerable amount to the program. The program can be of interest to employers since cases of cancer problems can be diagnosed early, thus reducing absenteeism.

Stakeholder(s) Opposed 2 Private health insurance policy providers may not support the idea because the idea works parallel with the services they provide. They might see the concept as a business hazard that would result in a reduction in the number of their insurance subscribers. However, the scope of health insurance is extensive, and they do not have to oppose the idea for that reason.

Stakeholder(s) Opposed 3 The state government may not support the idea of stating either lack of finance and budgeting for such a program. It may also oppose the project due to the tremendous financial implication of the program.

Financial Incentives/Costs

In no more than 250 words, summarize the economic impact for the issue and the idea (added costs, cost savings, increased revenue, etc.). Provided support.

The proposed full cancer insurance policy will have additional financial costs. Therefore, the plan focuses on a collective approach to cover additional costs. The project considers an employer, the employees and state government significant contributors in financing the program. The program estimates a cost-effective insurance policy plan where individuals would contribute between $10,000 - $150,000 monthly premiums. The figure is a bit higher when compared to the current existing insurance plans. However, sharing the amount between the employee, employer and state government makes it the cheapest cancer insurance policy plan in the country. It is worth noting that unlike the currently available cancer insurance policies, the insurance policy would cover everyone irrespective of their ages. Thus, the proposed cancer insurance plan saves on costs from an employee's standpoint, making it affordable to many people in the state.

Legislature: Information Needed and Process for Proposal

Discuss how to advocate for your proposal using legislation. Include the following:

  • Provide the name and complete contact information for the legislator. Describe the steps for how you would present this to your legislator. The first step will be organizing the idea in chronological order and create an easy-to-read blueprint. The design also needs to be in a PowerPoint format to make it easier to explain the concept to the legislator. The second step is to establish contact with the legislator and plan a schedule when I can present the idea to the legislator. The final step is the presentation of the concept. The introduction should be brief, concise, and straight to the point.
  • Outline the process if your legislator chooses to introduce your idea as a bill to congress. The following four steps will be essential in case the legislator chooses the idea as a bill and presents it before congress.
  • Establishing direct contact with the state representative
  • Informing any relevant committee chair
  • Appearing and attesting at the committee hearing
  • Petitioning the Senate President

Christian Principles and Nursing Advocacy

In no more than 250 words, discuss how principles of a Christian worldview lend support to legislative advocacy in health care without bias. Be specific as to how these principles help advocate for inclusiveness and positive health outcomes for all populations, including those more vulnerable, without regard to gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, religion/belief, etc.

Nursing is a profession that aims at preserving human life through the study and research of various health issues affecting the human population. Christianity as a religion, respects human life. Christianity views human life as sacred and treats everyone equally regardless of their race, religion, creed, sexual preferences, culture, and skin color. Nursing and Christianity are similar in terms of ethical principles. Nursing as a career requires nurses to save the life of patients. However, nurses should apply the Christianity principle of acknowledging God as the sole giver of life. Nurses should not play God and determine the fate of the patient. They should ensure that they observe justice and accountability when performing their services. Thus, Christianity advocates for liability, confidentiality, fidelity, and integrity when nurses perform their jobs. They ought to observe fairness and equality amongst the patients that they serve.

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