Paper Example on Advertising Chicken Masala Meal

Published: 2023-08-13
Paper Example on Advertising Chicken Masala Meal
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The business that is being established and set up to grow needs to be advertised. It is a critical step in the business setting up is necessary for a cost-effective and unique way of putting up the brand that it outstand and makes the consumer prefer the good and win their is a pivotal move to make more sales necessitating more profits. In a restaurant business, new meal advertising wins new customers because of the new recipe. Chicken Masala is the new meal to be served in the restaurant.

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Product Design

They have stiff competition in the booming restaurant hotel business. There is a necessity to edge the competition on a unique product. The new meal is the chicken Marsal to be served in its unique way, unlike meals in other restaurants. The target customers are children and the large youth population, preferencing the sweet chicken and Marsal. Also, the women and the schooling students have high wants of the meal.


Chicken Marsal is necessary to be treated in a unique way to improve its preference to the customers. The raw materials need in the recipe for the meal are the following. The needs are White flour uncooked, all-purpose flour salt taste, dried Oregon, bundled chicken, Oliver oil, butter, minced, garlic, marsala wine, and also chicken stock (Basar, 2018). Also, labor persons and cooking machines and power energy for cooking. Moreover, the entertainment and the television with the internet for customers browsing vendors for deliveries.

Table 1: Item List Evaluation

Business needs Business wants
Uncooked white flour Cooking machine
All-purpose flour salt Expert cooks
Dried oregano Serving dishes
Boundless Chicken Internets for customers
Oliver Oil Entertainment television
butter Electricity power
Minced and garlic Masala wine Chicken stock

Table 2: Cost Evaluation.

Business Needs Cost Business Wants Cost
Uncooked white flour $ 12.5 Cooking machine $ 80
All-purpose flour salt $ 10 Expert cooks $ 20
Dried oregano $ .20 Serving dishes $ 10
Boundless chicken $ 15 Internets for customers $ 15
Oliver oil $ .20 Electricity power $ 20

butter $.10 Minced and garlic $.10 Masala wine $ 17.5 Chicken stock $ 20 Total $ 75.6 $ 145


The restaurant business has been a growing industry in demand, and the supply curve has been growing. In my consideration, I saw it an opportunity to make a meal unique and to target the preference of the majority of the consumers. Chicken Marsala is a modern meal, and many consumers ask for it, but the outstanding flavor and the perfectionist in cooking are necessary. The comfort of the customers being served and modern technology is embracing free internet in the restaurant.

The items on the list are the ingredients for the chicken masala meal and the perfection of serving the customers at comfort. The unique flavor for the meal to be outstanding (Susanti, 2013). The business needs are the necessities of the business to survive and be outstanding while the business wants are the business like to have but not necessary for survival.

The consideration of the necessities and the need the business requires to survive are the first spending of the money in the comparison of the market availability of the ingredients and where to get them. Also, the price of the items that are needed for transportation and accessing raw materials from a cheap market (Basar, 2018). The manufacturing and production cost is minimized to the necessary spending and multitasking instead of paying differently to units of cost.


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