Free Essay: News Story on Sports and Physical Activity Throughout University Courses

Published: 2022-04-04
Free Essay: News Story on Sports and Physical Activity Throughout University Courses
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Sports and physical activities in some Universities are often not considered as a critical requirement throughout the University courses. Most universities categorize games and physical activity as optional hence leading to the diminishing interest of students to involve themselves in any given sports activity. Students eventually follow a trend that is gradually compromising an essential part of the university life specifically for students' physical wellbeing since physical fitness, in this case, remains taken for granted.

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Making sports a significant requirement throughout the University courses is more than vital in that it comes along with numerous benefits primarily to the Students. When students are physically fit it stands guaranteed that they as well perform and achieve great heights academically. Sports, therefore, plays a significant role in students' mental strength development and general body fitness thus making sports and physical activity more than necessary to the overall growth of students. By engaging in sports and physical activity, students are always in a better position to learn and develop diverse abilities in distinct contexts such as decision making and team working. Students' daily routine is exhausting with hectic workloads hence recreation in this case from sports, and physical activity is more than fundamental in enhancing the general productivity of students.

Institutions neglecting sports as a significant requirement through the university life is detrimental in that it compromises and denies students of essential health benefits that result from the regular physical activity. Sports and physical activity, therefore, ought to get considered and included as one of the primary university courses requirements with proper assignation of games and physical activity experts or instead teachers. Sports professionals are a fundamental source of motivation for students' engagement in sports and physical activity. Students' have distinct achievement goals about sports participation hence deriving a proper and reliable motivation source is more than vital in that it helps students' maintain their focus on sports. Excellent and well-experienced trainers and sports teachers, therefore, come in handy acting as the principal motivators to sports engagement by students.

With the current situation in most institutions regarding sports and physical activity, institutions ought to define and identify the necessity towards upholding sports as a significant requirement. Demotivation stands out in most Universities where sports is an optional course hence denying the students of the endless benefits that come along with physical fitness and sports. Motivation is, therefore, the most necessary aspect that these institutions ought to work on to motivate the culture of sports as well as physical fitness eventually reaping the benefits.

Sports as a requirement helps differentiate certain students as per their talents. Neglecting games means a whole disregarded impressive talent. Institutions for example high school, colleges, and Universities produce the top skills in sports today hence abandoning sports also excludes a vast talent source. Institutions are a reliable place, in this case, to nurture world-class talent since they are well equipped and funded with necessary resources hence producing this kind of talent is practically possible only with proper allocation and dispensation of these resources that range from equipment to personnel. Majoring in sports and physical activities for instance in this case in Universities is time and again rewarding in that it helps students distinguish their real talents and eventually reach and fulfill their life dreams and aspirations.

The modern lifestyle has substantially side-lined games and sports with current day parents and teachers giving more attention, particularly to studies. They, in this case, forget that development of a sound body is essential besides affecting the general personality of students in their future lives. It is therefore essential to include and list sports and physical activity among the major requirements or instead as a necessity under any given school curriculum.

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