Essay Sample on Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

Published: 2023-03-06
Essay Sample on Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace
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The basic method for diversity is developing rapidly. Diversity is no longer an issue of creating a heterogeneous workforce, but utilizing a workforce to produce the innovative business practices, products, and services that can set an organization apart and give it a competitive advantage in a competitive business world. . Smart leaders need to be aware of benefit s diversity, and adapts inclusion culture in their workplace. Daft (2015) claims, "Today's best leaders realize that diversity sparks innovation, leads to better decision-making, and spurs growth" (p. 326). Having a diverse group of workers assists in ensuring that there will be an extensive spectrum of backgrounds, ideas, and skills, which can aid an organization to have more innovative ideas. Therefore, I would implement and support culture to promote inclusiveness, offering diversity training to staff, and providing more flexibility in the work schedule to promote diversity in my workplace.

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Innovation offers the 'seeds 'for economic development, and for that innovation to actualize, it relies heavily much on collective difference as on cumulative capability.'' If a person thinks alike, then no matter how smart they are, they most likely will be stuck at the same locally optimal solutions. Locating new and better resolutions, innovating, needs thinking differently, and that is why diversity is viewed as a stimulant to innovation'' Consultancy, F. (2006). In other words, multiple voices lead to new perspectives, new products, new services, and reinforces out- of the box thinking. In the contemporary business market, companies no longer consider inclusion and diversity efforts as separate from their operational practices and acknowledge that a diverse staff can differentiate them from their participants and can assist gain new customers

Some of the most prosperous firms in the present market were established on the power of diverse outlooks and have utilized them to drive far-reaching innovations. An ideal example of such company is Microsoft Company which transformed its culture three years ago to redefine its relationship with customers, employees, and partners, hence assuming a culture t that is possessing over their clients; functioning as a unified business (One Microsoft); and becoming a more diverse and all-encompassing company (Hogan, 2017). With the inclusive culture, the company has been able to improve its sells and emerge as one of the successful companies. Further, firms that embrace open innovation look outside the margins of their companies to obtain the best ideas, knowledge, and technology.

It is the role of leaders to create and promote diversity in their workplace. As a leader, I would encourage diversity by creating and sustaining a culture that encompasses the concept of inclusiveness and discourages discrimination (Hobson, 2014). To do so, I would establish a sense of belonging to each member, assume empathetic leadership, and maximize in connection and joy as some of the practice to promote an inclusive culture

Another thing I would do is to offer staff training on diversity topics. Staff training on the topic will make staff have knowledge of the benefit of diverse cultures and assist the organization in creating a welcoming environment (Miller, 2016). Finally, I would provide more flexibility in my workplace work schedule, flexible work schedule usually entice a full pool of employees. A flexible staff is capable of performing a range of diverse tasks and can be positioned to where and when they are desirable the most.

Maximizing and taking advantage of workplace diversity has become a significant concern for management today. Embracing a diverse and inclusive culture will benefit the workplace by producing a competitive edge and growing work productivity. Therefore, a smart leader must strive to create a welcoming workplace setting to enable the company to benefit from diversity.


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