Free Essay Example - Adoption of a Paperless Work Environment

Published: 2023-11-12
Free Essay Example - Adoption of a Paperless Work Environment
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In the last organization that I worked for, the daily job included providing services and repair of the products sold by the company. The management was required to create work orders for the employees to make their payment for the products purchased each day. Due to a lot of paperwork involved in tracking these orders, the security and safety of the documents were in question. .They could be easily misplaced or lost in the process. The company had to cancel the invoices without the work orders, thus leading to a decline in profits.

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The situation was alarming; as a CFO of the company, I called for a meeting with the accounting and ICT Departments to discuss ways on how to resolve the issue. At the meeting, the It department's idea was to get the software to help in data capture and report generation. The idea was good, but to the company's financial situation, it could be costly, yet we needed an urgent solution. My suggestion was the application of ADOBE software to generate work orders and invoices in PDF format. The made orders would be sent to the customers through emails to sign and send back as long they have an internet connection. The suggestion was taken into consideration by the departments, and therefore, I forwarded the proposal to Chief Executive Officer for approval. The ICT department was instructed to implement the idea after piloting to check its efficiency. The success of the approach helped the company reduce paperwork and increase productivity.

Contribution to Solve a Situation in the Community- Free Tax Filing services

Revenue authorities today expect every individual with a Tax Pin to file their tax returns every year. University students and the seniors in our community always have a challenge when filing their returns. Cyber services are expensive, and they get to spend their upkeep money. It could only be convenient if the services were provided for the students and the seniors for free. Accessing the tax revenue website is free, only service providers at the cyber cafes charge a higher fee.

As the CFO in the company I was working at and a member of the youth affairs group in the community. I suggested the idea to the chairperson. We had a meeting and discussed the concept. We talked about how we could get volunteers to help senior people file returns and get cyber cafés that would provide free service as well. We agreed to engage other youth on the idea, and the reception was exceptional. We managed to get volunteers to help provide free services to the seniors in their cafes. Older people were to visit the cafes any time with their Identification cards to the shops. For the students, we engaged the management of the school to provide tax returns services to the students because there was an available internet connection on the campus premises. Within the next year, almost most of the students and seniors could file their returns on time without worrying about the penalties.

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