Essay Sample: Addressing Sexual Harassment Issue in VIP Community Services

Published: 2023-12-14
Essay Sample: Addressing Sexual Harassment Issue in VIP Community Services
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Generally, the law proscribes sexual harassment at the workplace, although it does not suggest reasonable punishment. According to the Employer Act, an employee is sexually harassed if the co-worker or employer requests sexual favors for better treatment in the workplace. It can also be threats capable of destroying the employment status of the employee.

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Sexual harassment in this institution has been used as a power play in recruitment and promotion. Most of the high ranked employees are requesting for sexual treatment favors from their juniors. A current incident happened during the recruitment process of vocational counselors that occurred last week. Despite some women having the qualification to secure a position, the person in charge of recruitment decided to take advantage of young graduates. These are individuals with no much experience, although some candidates had an experience of more than one. The recruiter took advantage of women candidates and harassed them sexually. Some of the sexual harassment that took place includes caressing, kissing, and intentionally touching. Recruitment also undermined gender equality, whereby more women were employed compared to men.

Apart from the sexual harassment that took place last week, several incidences have made employees feel uncomfortable. It includes spoken or written materials and other physical behavior that encourage sex. Whether the behavior is practiced by an employer or co-worker and interferes with employees’ performance, it is illegal sexual harassment. The action can create stress and anxiety to the victims if no proper measures are taken. It can also lead to absenteeism, low morale, and productivity.

Sexual harassment is a violation of human rights and affects women's dignity. The labor code demand prohibition of sexual harassment and allow the victims to terminate the contract when harassed. The code offers proper guidance to workers and employers to effectively address sexual harassment in this institution. Sexual harassment is a threat to this institution since it can lower productivity, create an unconducive environment, and increase violent behavior. It is the employers' responsibility to maintain a conducive working environment by ensuring that employees do not feel uncomfortable or troubled when working in a particular environment. Recruiters should also be answerable for any misconduct that took place during the recruitment process.

In this institution, the department responsible for setting laws has not yet specified the type of behavior considered as sexual harassment. Thus, it has been challenging to prevent sexual harassment in this institution. It is the right of all employees, regardless of their position, age, and sex, to be protected from sexual harassment. An employer needs to issue a policy statement that explains sexual harassment and declare the workplace free from sexual harassment. Employers need to implement some measures to ensure that no employees are endangered or sexually harassed. They should instill proper disciplinary actions against the individuals harassing others sexually. The policy statement needs to have a procedure that shows how the workers should present sexual harassment complaints. It is the employers' responsibility to keep the information confidential until the necessary time to carry out an investigation or take disciplinary measures. Some corrective action that needs to be taken includes fines or imprisonment of not less than three years.

Employers also need to provide advice to introduce training programs that will help victims to recover from harassment. The education should also be included in staff orientation, to ensure that every member is aware of sexual harassment behaviors. It is also the responsibility of the labor inspectors to investigate the allegation of sexual harassment.

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