Paper Example on Management Issues as an Ethical Issue

Published: 2023-01-12
Paper Example on Management Issues as an Ethical Issue
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Ethical issues can be described as situations that may arise due to confronting anomalies between a patient and a healthcare provider or a healthcare provider and a patient (Shin, Sung, Choi, & Kim 2015). In most common case it can be attributed to the fact that patients and their immediate family are the ones causing the ethical dilemma. It is very rare to have a healthcare provider creating an ethical dilemma that involves the patient or the healthcare institution with the patient. Most of the time the leaders of the organization use their critical thinking skills to come up with a reliable and viable solution that has been proven to be working and also has a long -lasting solution.

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Management Issues as an Ethical Issue

In the case scenario below, it will be about exploration on the management of a health care organization. Most of the time it is the top leadership that is attributed to the fall of an organization but all that is wrong since also the junior leadership can be held responsible for the fall of the organization. Managing a healthcare facility needs people who are fast and able to deliver good results. Its, also, needs people who have a track record of maintaining the same, in most cases the managers do encounter resilience, setback from the staff that they have and also internal wrangles that may be present in the said institutions (Moffic, Saeed, Silver, & Koh 2015).

Many people do fight to have a leadership opportunity in any organization and this may be the cause of confrontation that might lead to the fall of the organization. As leaders who are given the mandate to govern a health care organization it is more profound if only, they come up with ways that help solve the problem amicably. This particular organization is faced with a management problem. Management problem can be caused by many things including internal wrangles, personal wrangles and also leadership wrangles.

All these make up the problem to other worsen or they be solved amicably. Most of the times are when we find it hard to even confront the leaders because we have the fear that we might compromise our own stand and therefore lose our friendship with them; that we have developed for most parts of the career. In as much as we try to see the cause of the management in a healthcare organization, we must also focus on the factors that create the same. Most of the time is the system itself that causes the same to happen and thus it becomes difficult to handle and dismiss.

Explanation of How the Issue Developed

In most cases, management issues have arisen from the structure within and they are the cause of the major wrangles experienced in most of the healthcare settings in our countries. Internal wrangles arise when we have two or more different leaders are experiencing difficulties in coming to terms in a corporate. We all have our ways of thinking that is line with our morals and values, therefore, each and every person has their moral way of doing a task (Lawton, & Paez 2014).

In this particular organization, it is more profound than the internal wrangles have caused the top leadership to be in the limbo of what is next and what is yet to happen in the near future of the institution. Internal wrangles can be caused by a leader who is not taking charge of his position and is always in confronting situations with the junior members in the organization. They may not be able to listen to the opinions of the others and also the fact that, they are the bosses and they will not bow to the opinions and other options that do not favor them. Organizational Culture

Secondly, the pressing issue on organization culture. Organizational culture is among the problem that many leaders face. In most of the case, it is adamant that the structure put in place in a given organization cannot support the growth of ideas and also the implementation of the same ideas. Organization culture that is structured in a way that it only supports ideas that have a plow back opportunity is one that should be abolished in the long run since it is not only harmful but also not supportive. Therefore, it is profoundly evident that organizations should be able to support structures that are meant to grow the organizational culture in a positive way and do away with a structure that does not conform to the positive culture.

Organizational Structure

Likewise, the organizational structure does hinder the management growth and thus it is among the factors that can demote the organizational growth. Structures such as centralization of command and the fact that there is only one reporting center make it easier for the organization to fall and therefore cause management issues. The complexity of an organization makes it hard for the growth of different departments in the organization to prosper. It is thus encouraged that there should be structures that can help support the same so as to enable flexibility of the complex behaviors

Human Resource

Thirdly, another factor that causes management issues is the human resource. As organizations do experience growth it is more profound that they will need more human resource personnel and thus it will be easier for them to hire skilled human resource managers or enhance the capabilities of the department. It is easier for the human resource department to come up with ways that can help the organization grow and also enable ways that can foster growth. It is the duty of the HR department to come up with ways that can help foster growth by introducing psychologist who can create programs that foster growth.

Team Collaboration

Lastly, it is team collaboration, this is the most crucial part in any management team. Having a functional team collaboration enhance speedy delivery of services, health care delivery becomes outstanding and also the need to have a working and reliable network is increased. Most of the management woes cannot be seen if team collaboration between different disciplinaries. In that given the fact that nurses can work with the medical officer in harmony and in sync with the medical profession, this can make the growth of the management. Management issues are some of the issues that can halt to the ground a reputable health care organization.

Case of Experienced Ethical Issue

During the handing over of new health care service and delivery, Iranian medical practitioners were among the first to experience management problems. The fact that there was transitional growth from one regime to the other it became evident that there is a need to amend the management problem. In most of the case, the management issues were due to the fact that the old management and part of the new team were in the confrontation of what to do and what not do. As Barkhordari-Sharifabad, Ashktorab, and Atashzadeh (2017) inputs that management can be the cause of the fallout of nurse from one organization to the other.


Another example is the USA, in line with the advancement of technology most of the management's members were not adequately equipped with the ways on how to handle or even implement the changes. There was a management crisis when employees of one medical facility wanted the introduction of new methods of patient handling and record management to be computer generalized. The management sought it to be as an expensive venture since they did not have the grants and funding to accomplish such kind of a project. The confrontation led to a go-slow that saw patients being turned away or referred to other facilities. This gesture, therefore, saw the need that the management had to comply within the long run.

DR Congo

Also, one of the prevalent cases of management problem was in the DRC Congo when the Ebola pandemic hit. Most of the health care facilities did not have the right equipment's and thus most relied on the help of the CDC and the WHO. In most parts of the country, the management team saw this as a taboo in that their own health care employee was not able to help. In that, there was much misunderstanding of how things should be run and since they know the local dialect, they should be the ones to help and not the international caregivers.

What Should be Done

With the above management issues that have caused stagnations of service and also caused some of the failures, it will only be possible if the management can create an effective way of handling their problem. The most common and effective way to help alleviate the management issue is collaboration. In many of the successful healthcare organization, team building, effective communication, the dispensation of roles is what has helped most of the organization to stand and conquer the test of times (Shin et al.,2015).

Possible Solutions

As by my opinion, communication, collaboration, differentiation of roles, and also helping each other through various human resource strategies. The best and possible way to handle the above is through the use of ethical theories of relativism, utilitarianism and Kantianism and imploring the use of ethical principles of beneficence, respect for autonomy and justice. The most and meaningful theory that can be suited for this is the Kantianism since it advocates for the moral good.

Moral Good and Team Building

Moral good in the sense that the management can come up together to ensure that the common good of each and every employee of the organization (Demirtas & Akdogan 2015). This can only be made possible if it is proper inter collaboration of the teams and team building. Team building as an initiative of the HR department has been known to bring about good communication among members of an organization and also it helps creates bonds that were once absent.

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