Free Essay Example: Uses of the Core Curriculum

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay Example: Uses of the Core Curriculum
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A core curriculum is a group or collection of subjects or courses that students in a particular type of school or at a certain age must learn or study. These subjects are not considered among the optional subjects, which a learner can opt to either choose to study or not. The topics or courses considered as core in the curriculum are those that take to be essential to proper education in that they provide the necessary skills or common cultural knowledge. The core curriculum is also referred to as compulsory school subjects. Therefore, this is what the core curriculum activities can do for me.

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The core curriculum can provide a room for global and social inquiry. The courses that are considered core are all the same to every institution that embraces the system. This means learners get practical and theatrical frameworks to get accustomed and explore globally social issues. The core curriculum ensures that learners at a certain level learn the same content all through. Through acquiring the same content, they can appreciate how equal and interconnected the human race is in nature. This ensures that they become responsible people by acknowledging and accepting the rights of every other person. This, in turn, contributes positively to society and the world at large.

The core curriculum equips the learner with historical and archival knowledge. Among the core curricular courses, some deal with past events, for example, history. For learners to be able to contemplate and understand the present and also be able to be well prepared for the future, one needs to have knowledge of the future. The curriculum trains students to understand how the past is related to the present and how it can affect the future. This, in turn, helps the learner to be a student who is responsible and socially engaged.

The core curriculum allows for linguistic and cultural inquiry. The curriculum entails courses that deal with language and culture-related content. In such classes, all the learners are introduced to linguistic principles and get exposed to several languages hence enabling them to develop diverse cultural intelligence. This also gives room for exploration of values, significance, and how significant indigenous languages are, thus allowing them to better indigenous cultures and the general worldview. Students who are taken through this curriculum are, therefore, able to gain insight into different cultural differences and perspectives.

The core curriculum assists students in gaining core and essential foundational knowledge. The curriculum equips students with courses necessary in a broader epistemological framework. The students are trained on how they are supposed to carry out and also communicate sound academic research. The students can develop literacy skills, develop, organize, and express the cognitively complex arguments .they can do this with great clarity and precision, beauty, and authority. Education learners that take religious, philosophical, and scientific courses can gain knowledge, which enables them to rationally reason about facts and truths.

In conclusion, the core curriculum has a lot of benefits to the learners who undergo the system. Hence it is embraced in so many learning systems all across the world in education institutions. There have been several suggestions on amendments that could be made to the core curriculum to make it even better with various scholars making proposals on which additions or exclusions from the curriculum should be made. Also, institutions using the core curriculum can best fit in society after school and can solve situations they encounter with much knowledge. Hence learning institutions should embrace the core curriculum system.

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