Observation Evaluation Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-07
Observation Evaluation Essay Sample
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Categories:  Sociology
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To observe is the act of watching how someone does something or how something happens carefully, most likely with the aim of learning more about someone or something (Poo, Ledesma, & Trujillo, 2018). In this scenario, I did my observation along a sidewalk to learn more about peoples' social world in a real-life situation. It was around 13:20 hours when I did my observation an hour by which most people all over the world both working and non-working, rich or poor utilizes to take their lunch meals that is why I chose to do my study at this hour and the sidewalk because there are usually many individuals who use the sidewalks during lunchtime hence I would get I wide range of understanding of peoples' social world.

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The first thing that people note in an individual is how he/she dresses, how he/she is behaving at the moment, his/her gender status and many others, therefore, I dressed in a way that I attracted peoples' attention and ensured my hairstyle was decent enough and attracts peoples' attention. I used a happy face that seemed to be friendly since some individuals could take their time to say hey even without me talking to them first. I was dressed in an official suit, and this attracted most of the people passing by since I could tell using their facial expressions that most of them were wondering how this well-looking guy could be doing at the sidewalk just idle and relaxed. My appearance attracted the attention of most individuals and enabled me to learn how different individuals react to attractive individuals they meet by; I also learnt that some people are usually shy to make eye contact with attractive individuals they see.

Here I concluded that people like attractive things and individuals since some of them did not stop watching me until they could fully be obstructed by obstacles of trees, vehicles and other individuals. Some people continued gazing at me until they were past where I was, others just gazed a little and continued minding their own business, others went ahead and greeted me, others were shy in such a way that they were unable to make eye contact, others changed their walking when they saw me looking at them, others could even stop to see what I was doing or watching at the moment, others looked me in a facial expression that showed they were wondering what I was doing or watching, others were just confused and could even change their pace of walking only to exit from my presence and others pretended that they even did not see me as they passed, but when they were about two to three meters away they looked back to see if I predicted their presence and could now look at me.

As I conducted the observation, there was this strange feeling that I felt as if I was doing something wrong to sit by the sidewalk and watch people walk, behave and react to my presence. It reached to the point that I felt it was not appropriate since I felt idle and started thinking of how those people who also watched me how they thought about me. I felt confused as I did the observation and to some extent, I could feel shy watching people. This observation helped me realize that people are different and they behave and react differently to different situations in their social life. It helped me understand how I interpret things in my day to day life and even feel the moment at which people do not feel when it comes to theoretical social life. Through observation, one can think and understand things positively unlike life itself which is usually tough at times but not always just as there were different individuals who behaved differently the same happens in life that there are good times and bad times that may happen interchangeably or at the same time.

Reference List

Poo, F. M., Ledesma, R. D., & Trujillo, R. (2018). Pedestrian crossing behavior, an observational study in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina. Traffic injury prevention, 19(3), 305-310. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15389588.2017.1391380

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