Community Health Essay Sample: Access to Healthcare Services in Rochester

Published: 2022-03-30
Community Health Essay Sample: Access to Healthcare Services in Rochester
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There are various barriers that make it hard for people living in Rochester New York access healthcare services. Insufficient insurance coverage is a major problem which interferes with people`s urge to access health services. It is because of the increase of the poverty levels within the area. For instance, there are citizens who fail to attain medical insurance covers for their families thus making it hard for them to have access to medical care (Larson, Cull, Racine, and Olson, 2016). The major contributor to the presence of insufficient insurance coverage is the expensive healthcare services in the place hence people are unable to seek medical attention from recognized facilities in Rochester.

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Another issue is the lack of enough health facilities in the area. Being a densely populated location, it makes it hard to serve the large number of people in Rochester. The growing population makes it difficult for health facilities to provide health services to every individual (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, and Owusu Ananeh-Firempong, 2016). The lack of enough health facilities leads to unmet health needs in Rochester. People with chronic illnesses experience a lot of suffering due to the delays caused in receiving proper medical attention.

Also, the lack of culturally competent health care in the area is an issue which renders people unable to receive preventive services from the healthcare facilities.(Larson, Cull, Racine, and Olson, 2016). A large number of people in Rochester are used to substandard healthcare programs. The ignorance has made people to pay less attention to the health sector.

There are remedies which could play a crucial role in dealing with the healthcare situation in Rochester. Increasing the insurance coverage in the area could help more people get medical covers to help them access medical services (Hacker, Anies, Folb, and Zallman, 2015). Besides, constructing more health facilities in the area would make a positive impact (Hacker, Anies, Folb, and Zallman, 2015). More people would be in a position to access health care services due to an increased number of medical facilities in the area. The application of modern ways and strategies of delivering health care such as the incorporation of modern technology in the health sector could solve the issue of lack of culturally competent healthcare systems in Rochester.


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