Paper Example: Academic Resources and Strategies

Published: 2023-02-16
Paper Example: Academic Resources and Strategies
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I have identified the following academic resources and/or strategies that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or my specialty in particular.

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Directions: In the space below Identify and describe at least three academic resources or strategies that can be applied to the MSN program, and at least three professional resources that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or your specialty in particular. For each, explain how you intend to use these resources, and how they might benefit you academically and professionally.

Academic Resource/Strategy 1

I will be using the Walden Nursing Research Library as the primary academic resource. I am going to utilize the nursing-specific librarians to assist me in finding clear and concise research material to help me in progressing through the success of my research. Through their assistance, I will hopefully complete the papers and my projects to their entirety. I will use the website as a means of communication to them and seek time and appointments with them to ensure that my research is in line with the expectations.

Academic Resource/Strategy 2

I will be using the SON template to execute my papers. SON will ensure that the paper formats are as desired. This will maximize my capacity to take more points from the research and not miss out on points because of formatting issues. Whenever required, I will utilize the Walden templates for my papers. The templates developed by the university were meant to be shared and utilized by every student to ensure their papers are submitted in the correct formats. This strategy will add to the SON template strategy to maximize my points. I will also use various educational articles on writing scholarly papers, using critical thinking, how to use revision, and many other related studies found at the Walden Writing Center.

Academic Resource/Strategy 3

I will use the internet and recent news magazines to support my research. I will utilize the web to search the most recent articles. There are tons of articles, peer-reviewed and some from other credible nursing articles. These will be useful to seek important information regarding the recent trends in the research topic. I have also subscribed to mails that inform me of the recent nursing magazines that are important to support my projects. These magazines include the ANA magazine and Nurse 2019. My email has many nursing care journals and some nutrition journals already from the last few months.

Professional Resource/Strategy 1

Clinician1 Internet networking website. This strategy will be working for me as I prefer to spend most of my time on the computer. My academic and professional success will be dependent on how much time I dedicate at the website. I will use the social ground to post and respond to others' opinions regarding projects. I will successfully build good networks and relationships with others who will be of assistance to my project. I will sign in at least once a day, and any other time I will need information for my plan.

Professional Resource/Strategy 2

I will involve myself with the Southern Gulf Coast Nurse Practitioner Council. I am planning to organize a meeting during an upcoming dinner session with the organization. The council has numerous informational meetings in their schedule, and I will be taking advantage of that to gather knowledge and information for my research. Through the meetings, I will network further and gain more professional resources to use for my plan. There are already experienced NPs within the council. Some are PMHNP's. I believe this will be the best way of forming relationships with other NPS and ensuring I gain diverse information from their diverse specialties.

Professional Resource/Strategy 3

I am already looking for a means to build mutual relationships with staff at Spectrum Recovery Solutions and other areas such as Zac Talbott Joins ReVIDA Recovery Centers. I hope that these professionals will be useful for my clinical and preceptorship. The staff is well renowned for their experience and preparation in therapy. The two facilities are already using unique strategies for mental health solutions without medication. There have been partnerships done with other psychiatrists who assist in the therapies. Most of the strategies implemented involve group therapies for diverse clients every week. This strategy will work as I will team up with other professionals in the nursing specialty to help me gather the necessary tools and information for my projects.

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