Effects of Students Dropping out of High School, Education Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-03
Effects of Students Dropping out of High School, Education Essay Sample
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The effect of school drop is largely hurting both society and individuals. However, there has been considerable improvement in the number of students graduating from high school than in previous years. The underlying causes of school dropout from high school include poverty and criminal behavior of the individual students. Every student that does not complete their high school diplomas hurts the society in many ways such as increasing probability of long-standing unemployment due to lack of professional skills need to carry out official duties in different areas of the economy hence increasing the dependency ratio in the society. High school drops out increases societal dependency ratio and hurts the economy at large due to the existence of hidden costs of maintaining their social lifestyles. The essay analyzes the causes and effects of school dropouts.

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Six Techniques Analysis:

Classification & Examples

Young population with low education attainment is associated with lack of professional experience and job skills making them socially dependent. The impacts of high school dropouts can be classified into three main categories: consequences to individuals, consequences to the society and consequences to labor markets. For instance, high school dropouts are likely to experience poor state of health, high mortality rates, and inability to cope with dynamics of technologies as well as increased social dependence. Dropping out of school has an impact of generating exclusion of the individuals from the society and other members through: drug addictions, delinquency, homelessness and prostitution among others.


In contrast, individuals that completes high school diploma are more likely to access better paying jobs compared to their counterparts. High school graduates have an opportunity to advance their career development prospects which increases their suitability for professional placement. In addition, high school dropouts are likely to suffer from hopelessness due to lack of additional opportunities for exposure to changing societal issues such as technology and general layout of individual and group orientation as a result of inability to cope with inevitable changes in the society compared to their high school graduates who are well equipped to tap technological advances for competitive gains now and in future. High school drop outs also suffer from inability to understand self and others unlike their learned counterparts who have the material potentials to define social setting and matters pertaining to their psychological orientations.


High school dropout rates refer to the number of students enrolled for high school education that leave schools before graduating with high school diplomas. It is often a manifestation of societal disconnect which can also be a product of high poverty levels that leads to inability to provide essential requirements for students in high schools. Students background also acts as a major stimulant and driver of changes that are influential to the performances. Academic failure passed through generations also creates a chain of generation school dropouts perhaps due to lack of sensitivity to education and its benefits. High school dropouts has an impact to the society through reduced earnings, low tax revenues and increased health costs such as drug instigated health problem. High school drop outs is a major challenge that has affected many societies in US and the world at large involving both sexes although the male child has been the worst hit by this challenge.

Summary & Conclusion

In summation, high school dropouts create constant challenge in the labor market, the below high school diploma employees are always at risk of being unable to guarantee long-term employment or elaborate output thus restraining the needs of companies towards maintaining a competitive edge thus demanding specialized and competent workforce hence a possible high employee turnover which is detrimental to the success of any business entity. Individuals are unable to support better lives through poor salaries and uncertain job placements while at the same time depriving the society or government the most sought after revenue in taxes. Increased dependency becomes a major challenge as well. For the society to excel, the rate of high school dropout must be restrained through effective address of causes such as poverty and poor parenting which would eventually enhance high school graduations rates.

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