Free Essay with the Review of the book the Good Food Revolution

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay with the Review of the book the Good Food Revolution
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Explain how agriculture in the U.S. is a history racial exploitation.

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The history of agriculture in the United States is deemed is the history of racial exploitation. The agriculture history in the U.S. is characterized by practices of slavery, which formed the rural economy of the south. According to Will Allen in his book, the Good Food Revolution, the slaves, who were mainly African American, were mistreated as they worked under slavery. This makes the author contend that thriving for agriculture (food production) has always led to the suffering of minority races in the United States.

What happens when the marginalized group loses touch with the land and with the traditions handed down for generations? (xii). How does that affect people in terms of food access but also in terms of empowerment and community sustainability?

According to Allen, when African Americans lose touch with the land, culminated with the losing grip on the traditions handed down for generations, they consequently lose a crucial set of skills when it comes to growing and preparing healthy foods. Apparently, this element will perpetuate poverty and a large number of poor people in the marginalized community. This problem also leads to an epidemic of diet-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other diseases that have become a threat to the health of the people (especially blacks).

What are some of the problems with sharecropping as a system?

Apparently, sharecropping system is considered to be a system of farming where a landowner gives the tenants the land to plant different crops and return, the farmers are expected to give back a half of their yields to the owner of the land. According to Will Allen in the Good Food Revolution, this form of system is associated with multiple problems such as unemployment, racial and class discrimination. The author also insinuates that the sharecropping does not help the troubled youths overcome their challenges.

Why/how did his greenhouse help empower youth in his community?

Will Allens endeavors in utilizing small portions of land into a successful farming production are nothing short of inspiring to the youths. Allen uses greenhouse technology to do his urban farming. While fixing his greenhouse, Allen has the tendencies of inviting older children or teens to help him carry out his farming activities. Allen sees this as an opportunity to mentor the young people in the society by teaching the different lessons in the society. According to Allen, it is not just about planting different crops but rather it is an opportunity for young people to learn some life skills of how to take care of their body as well as being able to work in the environment.

Allen says that I believe that access to healthy, affordable food should be a civil right-every bit as important as access to clean air, clean water, or the right to vote (7). Explain.

According to Allen, access to healthy and affordable food is essential for the well-being of the community, at large. In his book, Allen laments that the current food system does not help all people have an equal access to the healthy food and that food insecurity is highly prevalent in many communities. This has led to early deaths in the community due to consumption of foods of low quality. This prompts Allen to call for the rightful food strategies that can help solve food problems in the society: apparently, this begins with advocating for healthy foods. This intimates that access to health food and affordable should be a fundamental right to each and every citizen.

Allen weaves together stories of oppression that his family/ancestors faced with in agriculture and his growing environmental consciousness. What were some of the experiences of systematic racism he describes?

In his book, Will Allen is concerned that the agricultural system in the United States is perpetuating systematic racism through its practices. Apparently, the history of agriculture in U.S. is mainly characterized by racial exploitation. Slavery led to the formation of the south rural economy, which formed the basis of mistreatments directed towards the minority groups (African Americans). The sharecropping system is also addressed by Allen. This system of farming also prolongs systematic racism, with its consequences being dire to the minority groups.

How can growing food be healing and empowering, according to Allen?

According to Allen, the current agriculture system has led to extended food insecurity. This has made the community suffer in terms of diet-related diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity due to consumption of poor quality. However, through the rightful policies that give people access to healthy foods at affordable costs, it will be viewed as one way of empowering the community. Will Allen also initiate the urban farming project, which to him is one way of empowering and inspiring young and troubled youths in the society? The entire project also helps eradicate elements of racism, help create jobs for unemployed and generally, it improves the health of the public.

What is the Good Food Revolution, according to Allen?

From the book the Good Food Revolution it recounts the story of Will Allen, who is revealed to be the son of the sharecropper. Will Allen embarks on initiating the urban farming which turns out to be a success to the entire community as far as empowering and inspiring the community is concerned. From Allens point of view, the book does not simply focus on his family matters but rather on the people he works with. The book also seeks to give an insight on where the future of the community. Therefore the Good food Revolution is all about advocating for food sustainability in the community as well as improving the welfare of people in the community.

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