Education Essay Sample: Academic Problems People Have Overcome

Published: 2017-07-16
Education Essay Sample: Academic Problems People Have Overcome
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As I left home for Kenyatta University on the 13th of January this year, I was uncertain of what the future had in store for me. I did not know how I would cope with school life having been away for two years. I wondered how the classes and schedules would be. I was unsure of how well I would cope with the assignments, presentations and examinations. All in all, my desire to excel prevailed over my fears and strengthened me in the face of these doubts.

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I was among the top 24 students in Moi Girls` High School Eldoret who scored grade A in the 2009 KCSE exam. Being very interested in the hotel industry, I was happy to be admitted into Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism. This surprised many since most people have the notion that every top student should pursue a law, medicine or engineering course.

By this time I already had my first born son and in May 2011, I was forced to leave him behind with my parents so that I could go to school. Leaving a seven month old baby behind was one of the hardest things I ever did, but it was necessary so that I could secure our futures by attaining higher education.

Everything went well until I became pregnant again with my second born in 2014. I had only two semesters left to complete my course, and everyone was very disappointed in me. It was not something that I was particularly proud of myself, but I knew at the end everything was not lost. I had to bring up both of my sons with very little help from my family, but the desire and hope of completing my degree someday never died in me.

I stayed home for two years, working as a marketing and front office manager in a self service food outlet in 2015 and as a small business owner and farmer in 2016. During these two years I looked after my children and saved some money so that I could go back to school in 2017. In November 2016 I started following up with the University and my teachers on how to get back to school.

My application was accepted and I finally rejoined school in January 2017. I was shocked to find that the syllabus had been revised when I was away and that I would be taking additional units. This took me three semesters back, but I looked on the positive side. Life had given me a second chance, and I would make the most out of it.

During my first few weeks in school when I was getting to know my classmates, I was a bit embarrassed because everyone took note of my year of admission from my registration number. There is a remarkable age difference between my classmates and me, but I decided to turn it into an advantage. In the course of the semester, I earned the respect and admiration of all my classmates due to my diligence in both practical and theory classes.

I have learned from my experience and I am determined to make the necessary amends in my life. By the end of 2018 I hope to be through with my education and I promised myself that I would graduate top of my class. I am already aware of the strength that I possess inside and I am convinced that I will definitely succeed. For me, there are no limitations.

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