What Is Human Behavior - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-08
What Is Human Behavior - Essay Sample
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Types of human behavior

Human behavior can be influenced by both the surrounding as well as the upbringing. However, nurture can have more impact on the human behavior as compared to nature. This hypothesis is exhaustively elaborated in the following essay.

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As the studies indicate, human behavior can be influenced from childhood. The child development process is dependent on the behaviors of the people surrounding the child. The child is able to learn from observations from the activities happening where they are. The children hence acquire similar behaviors as the ones practiced by the people adjacent to them. This means that nurture plays a great role in the behavior of human beings.

Additionally, nurture impacts human behavior more as compared to nature since people can influence the nature that surrounds them depending with their behaviors. In this regard, the behaviors of a human being can determine the places they live and their immediate nature. For example, the behavior that is immoral and lusts for drugs and alcohol can influence the nature of a person. This is because the person will have to choose friends who are compatible with that behavior. The people surrounding such a person will be similarities in that most of them might be okay with the drugs and alcohol or are also involved in the vice. However, if the person does not like drugs, the nature will also be similar in that it will be drug free. Such people will keep away from friends who can influence them to take the drugs or alcohol as well as the places which are prone to drugs such as clubs.

The effects of parental care also have great impact on the behavior of a human being. If the parents bring up a child in a specific manner, then the child is likely to adopt such behavior and express them even at adulthood. This is supported by the fact that human brains have the ability to learn and remember. The thing that are learned and remembered influences the behavior of a child. This is the reason why parents show strictness to their children at an early age so that they can learn and adopt the desirable behaviors. The human behavior may be influenced by nurture more than nature in that the tastes and preferences of a human being can influence how they treat the nature. In this regard, the human behavior such as maintenance of the environment may be influenced by the upbringing qualities and teachings acquired in lifetime.

Finally, nurture have the ability to influence the human behavior more than the nature as many professionals have undergone training and learned their new skills, traits and behaviors such as ethics. For any profession, training and learning paramount. Therefore, the nurturing practice influences how human beings think and ultimately how they behave.


Although this is a debatable topic, the essay has shown that nurture has more influence to the human behavior more than nature. The nurturing of human behavior starts from the childhood and progresses as human beings grow.

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