Essay Sample on Abortion: The Silent Scream

Published: 2019-06-07
Essay Sample on Abortion: The Silent Scream
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Did you know that ever since United States decided Roe Vs Wade in 1973 more than 53 million abortions have been performed? Yes, you heard me right, and average, it is approximated that more than 3,000 American babies are terminated by this heinous act every single day making this number more than a million each year. Worse still, perhaps the most shocking of all is that about 86 percent of total abortions carried out in the United States are basically for the sake of convenience purposes (Donnellan).

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So what is the primary motivation behind carrying out an abortion and is it worth it?

Abortion is defined as the practice of terminating a human pregnancy deliberately. In most cases, it is performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. There are quite a number of reasons that may force one to consider abortion as an option. These could range from pregnancy as a result of rape, incest or even consensual unprotected sex by two fertile humans; age notwithstanding. All these and more could lead one into weighing whether to carry out an abortion or not. However, the big question is: Is it a justified practice legally, morally and even ethically?

First and foremost, it is important to note that the United States government legalized abortion. This was when the Supreme Court gave a legal go ahead to abortion in the first trimester. Ever since its legalization, it has been one of the most controversial issues with equally strong supporters from both ends making it almost impossible to come up with a solid stand. It is however of paramount importance to note that the two opposing sides seem to have a common goal which is to decrease the total number of abortions and devise new ways of making abortions safer.

Currently, this goal is barely achieved as we see numbers of abortion cases rocketing each year especially among the teenagers who account approximately 41 percent of total abortions in America. Is this really the way we want to raise our young ones, at least the one who were lucky enough not to get aborted in this modern society? Having them grow in a community that makes them think that killing is okay? More so, just because the constitution permits it, does it make killing okay (Byrn)? If we can go back to our history books, about a hundred and fifty years ago slavery was also legal but did that necessarily mean it was right?

I said killing because as a fact abortion may be fancy enough a term not to portray the true picture of the practice. In fact, this is basically an argument of life and death although some pre-existing factors such as cause of pregnancy and uncertainty of complication makes it so complicated. Much as we may have all the reasons in the world to campaign for abortion, deep down we know good and well this is a treacherous and guilt-filled path to take let alone dangerous and life-threatening. What we do is try to suppress our conscience which backfires miserably on us because the truth always has a way of catching up with us. Abortion is associated with shame and regret and most of the women who have undergone it carry this dark secret to their graves (Prijic-Samarzija).

Those who are bold enough to share it with the world do so in an attempt to clear some mental space. Some end up joining social wellness group to facilitate their healing and prevent further hurting. Worst case scenarios, some bottle it all up shutting themselves from the world and these are the kinds that harbor suicidal thoughts and may end up committing suicide. So with all these negative consequences; what makes abortion an alternative in the first place? As I said earlier, 86 percent of all abortions are for convenience purposes; so this means only a mere 14 percent is health related. Who really gives anyone a right to terminate the life of an unborn child just so to be avoiding being inconvenienced? Well at the same time about half of all pregnancies are unplanned for; does it make it okay for them to abort as they wait for the perfect time (Calhoun)?

Abortion is far more a scary and terrifying ordeal and only those who have been through it can testify. In one documentary for instance, a certain lady says how it has been a dark secret to her and a profoundly disturbing act that she has to live with for the rest of her life. She goes ahead and tells us that no matter how much she tried to push it down and pretend it did not happen, she could not. She urges us to understand that an abortion choice is most so difficult because we bring it to ourselves. She acknowledges that people hate them for what they have done but goes on to say that is nothing compared how she hates herself for that and it is something she will have to live with. This explains why most women who have undergone it prefer to be confidential about it.

The events that take place inside an abortion room are nothing like you have read in books or heard from people. From books and people, it sounds bad but in real life it is sickening. It is the ultimate act of violence. An average abortion only takes 5-6 minutes depending on the proficiency of the doctor. This is the kind of surgery that is most frequently done in America. The cervix is sufficiently dilated and the bag of water broken. The umbilical cord is savored and the life line cut and collapsed being wrenched free of the fetuss body. In the uterus, grasping instruments are used to dismember the fetus. Piece by piece the extremities are pulled away and stacked on a table to the side of the abortionist which is later reassembled to ensure that no piece is left behind and that the abortion is complete (Erk).

Really now, can anyone doubt the pain this creature goes through? Can you still go on with the same knowing exactly what it is about for the sake of convenience? Abortion is killing babies and not serving women as most people take it to be. Although some might argue that the fetus is not a real baby, after 20 weeks of gestation one can actually feel the fetal heartbeat and some movements are evident. So the fetus is really a child and there is no difference between a first, second or third trimester; it is the same human being just at different stages of development. That is why children born prematurely are able to survive. For instance, today babies born at 6 months have a 65 percent chance of surviving and an 80 percent chance of being perfectly healthy; thanks to the rapidly improving medical technology.

I strongly suggest we should all shun this inhuman act and embrace life even at humble beginnings.

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