Varicella Vaccinations, Essay Sample for Free Use

Published: 2022-04-14
Varicella Vaccinations, Essay Sample for Free Use
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Varicella is a highly contagious infection or in other terms a viral disease. In most of the occurrences, it gains terming as (chicken pox) caused by the Varicella zoster virus. Under the definitions of the disease, it affects many individuals since it is usually mild, but can render severe effects to infants below the 12 months age brackets, adolescents and also pregnant women and adults. However, considering the varicella vaccination, it is a chickenpox vaccine that helps in the protection of individuals against chicken pox. In other comparisons, or explanations, a single dosage of the vaccine helps prevent or curb 95% of moderate disease while protects 100% of severe infection. Whenever the dosage is administered twice, it provides more efficient result than one (Papaloukas et al., 2014)

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Before the varicella vaccinations began in the United States, chickenpox caused up to more than a hundred deaths in a single year, on the other hand, it also caused up to more than ten thousand hospitalizations each year and more than four million people acquired the disease in each year. Correspondingly, since the varicella vaccination set of foot in the United States, there has been a decrease in deaths at 90% meaningless than twenty people die from varicella each year. Additionally, less than 1700 people are hospitalized with the disease, clocking at 84% while, fewer than 350,000 individuals get the chickenpox each year, clocking at 92%. Thus, the number of people receiving the vaccine each year is approximately 5million.

However, focusing on the average effectiveness of the vaccine, it has proved much of effectiveness to curbing the spread of acquisition of the disease. The vaccines had been in existence in the US since the 1990s thus many studies have suggested different claims concerning the effectiveness of the request. Within a framework of 19studies, two reported effective after exposure while on the other hand 17 reported on the efficacy of the vaccination before exposure to the infection. Thus, relating to its average effectiveness, one dosage of varicella vaccination is 84.5% effective with a median range varying between 44% to 100% in all the chickenpox-related diseases while 100% effective in maintaining severe varicella (Seward & Vazquez, 2008).

The vaccine is proving very useful in different contexts since the affected population decreased rapidly after the introduction and the use of the vaccine. Alongside every benefit, there is always a negative that arises in one way or the other regardless of the effectivity of the approaches or interventions. As for the case of the varicella vaccination, there are side-effects that equal or prone to the disease that the vaccine is meant to mitigate. For example, cases of pregnant women contacting chicken pox are significantly low a become very complicates to an extent it can cause death; however, in fact, the women acquire the disease, varicella vaccination plays a significant part in ensuring that the chance of dying is reduced together with increasing the chances of recovery and survival. Hence, approximately 43% individuals have severe side effects.

Similarly, there are incidences of the disease before the release of the varicella vaccine. The incidence entails around the intervention and occurrence of herpes zoster (HZ) before the release of the vaccination. At various positions, the varicella-zoster virus may mitigate rendering a reactivation of the HZ which proves an incidence. Furthermore, there is the incidence of severe sequelae from the infection. Mostly, chicken pox is self-limiting are renders resolution without sequelae. However, with severe varicella complications and effects, there would be immunologically healthy individuals which entail around the predicament concerning permanent disability (Chaves et al., 2007).


Percentage of people w/o (#2) *number of people vaccinated (#1) = number of people protected by the vaccine

84.5% * 5,000,000=4225000 people

Percentage of people with severe side effects (3) * number of people vaccinated (#1) = number of people severely hurt by the vaccine

43% * 5000000=2150000 people

Make a comparison between the number of people protected vs. hurt

Comparing the number of people protected by the vaccine, there is a difference. There are 4,225,000 people protected by the vaccine while 2,150,000 are severely hurt.

Make a comparison between the number of people hurt vs. incidence of severe sequelae of the disease (#5)

The number of people injured includes the 2 million individual while in various contexts, the impact of acute sequelae of the illness prove no high number since their effects and populations are significantly low.


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