Franklin D Roosevelt Domestic Policy in Our Free Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-18
Franklin D Roosevelt Domestic Policy in Our Free Essay Example
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

After deliberating a lot on that one person in human history whom I would love to have a thirty-minute conversation, I will in a thousand times have to pick Frankly Delano Roosevelt (FDR). He was born on 30th January 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. I regard him as a genius that existed in intermittent proportions during his lifetime. Thus, it is truly pretty clear that he was composed of the unusual brain that most people envied. What necessities me to choose him over the rest is that he engineered economic reforms that were successful in response to 1930s Great Depression. The economic reforms are understood to have transformed the federal role of the government to a regulator of economic and social security. Frankly, Delano leadership during the Second World War is held high in history. Through his leadership, he acknowledged and championed for a liberal democracy that the United States of America and even the rest of the world tried to embrace. Finally, his many impacts on politics of the world during the twentieth century are what led to the creation of the United Nations. Thus, these are the primary reasons why I would love to choose Frankly Delano Roosevelt in a roundtable conversation.

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Roosevelt domestic policy

My thirty-minute talk will center on his domestic policies. Despite all his accomplishments in history, most people were critical of his domestic policies that seemed to fail. His policies on New Deal legislation failed since they didn't improve the United States economy. They instead made it stagnate until 1941 when it started strengthening. Most critics say that he had the abilities to come up with domestic policies that were effective which would have bailed out the economy in a short while. His primary concern was the extensive diplomatic engagement throughout the world. He never embraced his dissembling and elusive qualities used in diplomatic negotiations thus coming up with domestic policies that will have benefited and made America great. Thus, I will be contented to discuss with Frankly Delano Roosevelt on matters dealing with internal policies. I will love to know from him why didn't he change them when they seemed never working when everybody cried foul of them. With the caliber of intelligence and knowledge, he had about world politics, why he didn't also reshuffle and alter those domestic policies that led to the economy of the United States to stagnate for long. On the same bearing, I would love to know what the secretary of state advocated for concerning the failed domestic policies that almost crumbled American economy. Lastly, on the domestic policies, I will love to hear his side of views why he often delayed or vacillated in decision making which had many consequences on the United States economy. Throughout this thirty minutes conversation, I will have gathered substantive one on one information regarding the failed domestic policies that his government engineered.

In conclusion, Frankly Delano Roosevelt for me is the person in human history I would love to have a conversation. I guess I am not the only American who will choose him. Just as the other Americans who elected him four times, it will be a dream come true for me to have a conversation. Despite the few faults he possessed, I concur with the rest of the world to acknowledge him as a formidable figure globally, whose insightful commitment to traditions and justice of democracy of Americans are unsurpassed hence, will love to have a conversation.


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