Reflective Assignment about How I Developed My Research And Advocacy Skills

Published: 2023-01-10
Reflective Assignment about How I Developed My Research And Advocacy Skills
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Working as a group in the law glass helped me a lot throughout the semester. I got a chance to improve different skills as well as advocacy skills. For instance, I developed researching skills after we worked on several research topics. To be precise, I learnt about skimming through the secondary data to quickly identify the points required to build certain research work. Furthermore, I gained skills in searching for resources form the library using the library link. In other words, I developed skills in e-learning. Review of the different sources sharpened my skills of concluding by ourselves after every topic. I also developed skills in writing quality research work with a logical flow of is essential to note that in our team we would challenge each other about to summarize the key concepts.

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Additionally, my advocacy skills were not also left behind my courage improved as it presented more presentations to my group members as well as lecturers. Additionally, I learnt the persuasion skills as well as writing persuasive essays and presentations which is a skill I learnt over time. After that, it became easier for me to express my ideas and believes in people of different denominations. As I was presenting, I would note that my peers found it enjoyable listening to my presentations and they also participated through asking questions after the performance. I also learned the importance of stressing on my arguments so that the audience is convinced about my beliefs. Furthermore, I developed to become a free thinker who cannot be blurred by people's opinions. Advocacy is about convincing people and providing evidence to clear the perception of people's ideas about yourself.

The rule of law and its virtue is one of the articles we actively used during our group work. The article was authored by Joseph Raz. The term the rule of law means that the law should rule the people and they should always obey it. I discovered that the rule of law applies differently to the lawyers and the non-lawyers. For example, from a lawyers point of view, there should be facts that are valid and has the power of being discussed and analyzed. In the lawyer's context, the rule of law is a doctrine that must be followed by all the people who believe the law exists. I also learned that the law is a significant component of the judiciary and the executive. I think another important lesson that was drawn is that legal systems are important to ensure people are the law abiding citizens.

During our group work, we also addressed the importance of legislation in the listening of cases at the court of law. Form the discussion I discovered that legislation provides the guideline of handling each case at the court. The judges are very keen to ensure that they remain within the scope of law during the hearing and the ruling as well. Furthermore, legislation is part of the rule of law in one way or another. Furthermore, legislation is the one that yields to new laws and the amendments that are normally indicated in the constitution.


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