Essay Sample on Consumer Behavior Change

Published: 2023-03-24
Essay Sample on Consumer Behavior Change
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In recent years, the consumer decision-making process has undergone tremendous change. Unlike in the past, the consumer is informed about products and has a variety to choose from. This wealth of information is distracting the normal consumer decision-making process. As such, marketers and company strategists must update their approaches, and this will involve abandoning the older models. What used to be a straightforward decision-making process has been heavily injured by the information available and has ended up being an unexplained loop, or zigzagged highly flexible model. This paper will analyze the Tesla marketing model and how they are responding to these highly flexible consumer behaviors.

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Following consumer decision-making dynamics, company marketers have been forced to employ measures that will cope with this fast-changing phenomenon. Today's reality of that of clients changing from physical to virtual shopping owing to the robust upgrades in information technology (Niemeier, Zocchi, and Catena, 2013). Case in point, it is possible to have a review of o product, including virtually interacting with it via virtual reality glasses, thus replacing the need for a consumer to visit a showroom or physical interaction with marketers or the product. However, the mix between the old ages and the young still requires the physical presence of the product.

On their approach, Tesla seems to have responded to the fast-changing consumer decision-making. Tesla introduced its first car concept in 2006, which was a highly sporty electrified car, with a price tag of $100,000 and a 200-mile range. In an environment full of more reliable gas cars and gas stations, failure was inevitable ("How Tesla is changing consumer behavior, the world, and the way we buy cars," 2015). However, following its unique customer purchase process, which allowed the clients to buy before, the company began production in 2008 and won the Times Best Invention in the transport category. The same model was witnessed in 2012 with their Mode S, which became one of the best-selling models in the SUV category.

So how exactly does Tesla achieve these marketing as well as selling milestones? After a careful review of what happens typically around the general marketing process and reviewing the most frustrating and overly slow process, together with their loopholes, Tesla has developed a more interactive online process. They believe that the contemporary generation's decision-making process commences online ("How Tesla is changing consumer behavior, the world, and the way we buy cars," 2015). Thus, they ensure content-rich web pages and very interactive social media. Additionally, Tesla provides that the webpages are direct clean, and straightforward, as described by their lead web architects. Besides being content-rich, Tesla has ensured improved web visibility.

Secondly, similar to the iPhone marketing model, Tesla has realized the importance of making a product personal and emotionally connected to the users. It has achieved this by creating interactive user forums and a user community a significant part of its already visible online platforms (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2019). This has, in turn, made the customer passionate about owning a Tesla product as well as a certain level of pride associated with it. Similar to Apple, Tesla creates virtually no adverts, in place of it, they have created a passionate fan base that intensely conveys information based on word of mouth about the vehicles' exciting features.

Tesla recognizes the importance of having a physical store to cater to the older generation and also to maximize customer physical product interaction. Despite having a robust and information-rich website, it is essential for physical production review and communication. The stores are typically placed in a prime visibility area, and their compelling design always draws other shoppers to it (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2019). Besides their compelling designs and prime location, Tesla ensures that its brands are still with creative, attractive messages to woe the customers.

In conclusion, every company needs to understand consumer dynamics and always work hard on sealing the existing loopholes. Companies should engage professionals well versed in consumer psychology as well as be aware of the possible changes in the IT world.


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