Essay Sample on Leadership Expectations from Spiritual Leadership

Published: 2019-11-04
Essay Sample on Leadership Expectations from Spiritual Leadership
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Believers should recognize the essence of imitating the core values required from God and the leadership styles used by Jesus. If it is really thought about, it could be strange that people try to imitate a leader who never developed an organization and would always try to encourage people to stop following him but rather saw his own death on the cross as the ultimate accomplishment. According to Hammet (2013) a spiritual leader should have a perspective that places value on strategies that tend to promote the role of being a spiritual leader rather than a manager. Among many expectations of a spiritual leader one should; lead others into their own similar encounters with God, make others see their own purpose in life and discover their identity and be able to impact the atmosphere where there is need.

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Leading others into their own unique encounters with God

In order to introduce the disciples to the knowledge of God, Jesus did not have to introduce himself into another mode, this is the most effective part of his lifestyle that other leaders should try to immulate. The way he interacted with God was so natural that others had no choice but to immulate. Whatever it was, standing in the synagogue or conversing and picking wheat along the way, people could be able to see ho Jesus was connecsted to God. Piper (2014) says that people are likely to discover the connection between a spiritual leader with God in the way he carries out his activities, whether he is training a new employee or resolving a major dispute in a place of work, in church or within a family.

Leading others to discover personal purpose and Identity

Generosity is one of the greatest aspects of spiritual leadership. A spiritual leader will genuinly be interested in personal growth of others. He will want other people to fully discover who they really are and what aspects makes them connect with God especially their inner being. Issues at workplace and strategic development are one of the ways to help individuals find out their own identity and be able to overcome obstacles that come in their way. Hatt (2012) points out that by helping others find their true self, they will find out that functioning in an area which they were created to be and have strong perfoming skils will tend to become more productive while working compared to those who simply try to fill a post just because they have to work or perfom the given role.

A spiritual leader should be able to impact their atmosphere

It may not be in the capacity of spiritual leaders to stop occurrences of storms, but he may be able to create an impact to the way such storm affect the people. Spiritual leaders should be able to recognize that they have the power to transform the way people feel in a room, the interaction and even the relationships in the room. Transforming the room atmosphere is like bringing in the room a new vision by bringing in a feeling of hope and vitality where there is fear and tension. It is possible that a spiritual leader can bring love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness and goodness to a room even if they are speaking disheartening information.

In conclusion, spiritual leadership need not to be unrealistic. However being to lead others in a more caring and empathetic point of view with a goal of bringing out the best in others is the ultimate goal of a spiritual leader. Being able to distinguish spiritual leadership from other formal leadership can provide a sensible understanding to free individuals from expectations that are unrealistic to a spiritual leader.


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