57.01% Purchase Items from Instagram After Being Influenced by Sponsored Story - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-31
57.01% Purchase Items from Instagram After Being Influenced by Sponsored Story - Essay Sample
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According to a survey done, as shown in the previous chapter, it was reported that about 57.01 % of the 128 participants agreed to have purchased an item infatuated by a sponsored story on Instagram. From this, it is clear that many people are triggered to buy goods on Instagram for various reasons even if they had not planned to buy them originally, they end up purchasing the items. However, a large percentage from the survey indicated that before buying the items from the different companies, they first had to be well aware of the company to understand the quality of goods it delivers. Some of the factors that can be used to explain the impulse buying behavior of individuals on Instagram include the placement of the call to action button on the application, which has enabled customers to make their reservations immediately or even order on the spot. However, the strategy is more effective for B2C companies than B2B companies, as is seen from the interview with Saphir.

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The use of call to action buttons is one of the reasons why people end up impulse buying on Instagram. It makes it easy for the customers to understand what is expected of them when placing the orders and what actions to take, such as scheduling a call. As a result, people end up impulse buying since the process has been made easier for them, so they can order as easily as they want. The option of calling the different providers of the items also motivates the customers to buy since they can get more information on the product and the company from them (FaĂźmann, & Moss, 2016). As Saphir states, providing the call option where customers could call and be provided with a live demo helped increase business performance. From this, it is clear that more people were triggered to buy the goods without planning in advance since the sales increased.

Click links have led to impulse buying in that a consumer can easily learn more about a product and the company by just clicking the links on the posts. If the right images are posted, the consumers soak up on the message and therefore end up buying a product. Due to the smoothening of the process, the customers are motivated to buy the items without even planning (Blomqvist, & Järkemyr, 2018). The use of images that relate to the company’s products when providing the links, as illustrated by Saphir, triggered impulse buying. There were better results when the screen capture of the software was used as compared to when it was not used.


However, impulse buys are a marketing strategy that B2C companies are more likely to profit from than B2B companies. Purchasing in B2C comprises mainly of lead acquisition, as stated by Saphir, in that for an order to be completed after placing the order, some time has to be allocated where the order is processed before being delivered. Therefore, impulse buying suits customers and not businesses since customer orders are mainly in small batches and can be delivered within a short time, which triggers customers to place the orders (Alam, Wang, & Waheed, 2019). The fact that in B2B purchasing, there are several decision makers required makes it hard for the companies to apply impulse buying since the orders have to be verified in a number of stages, and it has to be planned. Therefore impulse buying will mainly benefit B2C companies; the decision-making process is short as an individual needs not to consult from others before buying the item.


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