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Published: 2018-02-13 08:04:36
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English written assignment

July the fifteenth this year tops the list of my most memorable writing assignment. I had just logged in to my Essayshark account like any other normal day. The site seemed busy as usual with orders pouring in and fellow writers doing their best to bid as much assignments as possible. I went through past reviews of my work; this is how i motivate myself before starting a new day. the comments of my clients encourage me the most. Before I had finished checking all my mail, i had a beep signaling a new request had been sent to my mail.

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On opening, Theophillus! How could i forget this client, he always wanted his work done perfectly, points explained clearly using the least words possible. i have written for Theophillus a couple of times and having him send requests to my mail without me having to bid was a normal occurrence. Unluckily, he had posted like an hour earlier and had left. We could not chat; but his instructions were always clear.

I scrolled down to the details of the assignment. Theophillus needed a summary of the impact of technology on growth of small businesses. I could not help but smile as this is what i had wished for; something practical to start my day.

I remember the assignment was due in an hour. the moment i lay my fingers on the keyboard, i could not stop typing as a flood of ideas and points came flowing. For the next half an hour i was transfixed in developing this piece. i was so hypnotized by the topic that i didn't realize half an hour had gone by.

By the time i paused to check out my work, i realized had developed a two thousand word document for a one thousand word assignment.

It felt so refreshing as i had developed a teaching environment within that half an hour. I felt like i had just delivered a lecture on an international forum. It made me miss my students, more especially my final year class that was on holiday then.

I spent the rest of remaining time summarizing my two thousand word document into half. Despite all this, i still felt i could have been given room to deliver more. This was one of the easiest assignment i have ever had to write nad whats more is it was in my area of specialization.

I have loved business all my life, learnt it in high school, campus and majored in accounting and finance; not to mention my CPA's i felt like this was actually one of the most relevant assignments i have written in a long time.

Besides, i own and run a couple of businesses of which technology has played a major role in cutting down costs and maximizing profits. i am a major beneficiary of quick-books and fresh-books; thanks to technological impact on small businesses.

Two hours later i received feedback from Theophillus, he commended me for the piece and asked if i could write a book about the same. I must say that is a project for another day. I cannot forget this experience ever.

It reminded me of the more reason am always writing.

With writing one never gets old.

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