Essay Sample with the Book Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Published: 2022-10-24
Essay Sample with the Book Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond
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Matthew Desmond writes the book. The title "evicted" take us to the most impoverished Milwaukee neighborhood so that the author the story of eight families. One of the characters Arleen is a single parent who tries to raise her two sons with only 20 dollar which she remains with after she pays her rundown apartment (Desmond, p.1). Heroin drugs addictions consume Scott. The book plot follows follow the actual life of various characters, and their experiences with them with the landlord to inspect how poor housing affected the poor Americans. Matthew Desmond in the book also includes all the historical background of those people and also found to prove this narrative context. This essay will evaluate the themes that Matthew Desmond tries to bring up in the book.

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The themes of the book

Drugs abuse theme

The theme of drugs has been brought in the book "Evicted." According to the book, drugs are everywhere. Lamar and his kid smoke pot in the crack to the event which leads both pam and Ned as drug addicts however we also see Scott fentanyl patch due to his addiction to painkillers. According to the book, the theme stands out when the use of drug abuse destroyed the Scott life. As these drugs took most of his time during all day's activity (Desmond, p.5). He even takes steps to resign himself from perusing his dream course in nursing again. In addition to the devastating outcome of his career and his health. Drugs have resulted in the waste of the resources as the book dictated that most of the drug abusers did put to consideration that they were wasting their money. The drug money could be used in other factors like paying rent. Hence Matthew Desmond brings out the theme of drug abuse which is a significant issue in the plot make up.

Education theme

The book "evicted" education as a theme stands out in the book. The theme is not a prevalent theme as compared to other themes like drugs abuse. Education is brought in the book as a factor which the characters must have to achieve financial goals. Most of the character in the book have very little knowledge concerning education, most don't even have a college degree, another character even lacks specialized skills (Desmond, p, 15). This lack of education regards them work on factory and fall on the lower level of the food chain and this prevented them from even acquiring decidedly higher paying jobs. Matthew Desmond in the book continues to state even if these people wanted to be educated it could be impossible given to the fact that there works schedule was tight and even the need to consciously move around looking for better housing. Hence, it's important to not the author uses the theme of education as import aspect of character development.

Housing theme

In the book by Matthew Desmond the theme of housing is important because it formed the bases of pursuing higher education, also maintain a very steady employment and gave chance to the parent to focus more on their children develop. Matthew Desmond describes a home as "wellspring of any personhood where life stats to either wither or blossom better." The book also points out that those children who lacked decent housing performed very poorly in school (Desmond, p.62). The author also points out that these children had mental and development problem and become very variable to join the gangs and hence involve themes into crime. Matthew Desmond the hence bring out the theme clearer in the aspect without housing resulted in the immediate demand to survive and even the survival of the family.

Poverty theme

Poverty is another theme that stands out in the book. According to "evicted poverty and profit in the American city," the author demonstrates a very central thesis that poverty is just a condition that grows in most cases by most cases due to lack of better housing. It is poverty that keeps all the characters in the book from advancing to better housing and the better neighborhood.

The issue of housing over the decade continues to become rampant in the modern world. There is still discrimination in the housing sector where the minority community continues to be undermined. The black the Hispanics, the Asians, and the Latinos continue to suffer the issue of inadequate housing as compared to the book. Desmond, however, lays a very crucial role that the housing as an environment creates and reinforce the privilege of the whites in the united states. He also talks about how black people suffer significant housing discrimination in major cities like Milwaukee, which should be considered as the segregated cities of America. There were benefits for the white due to the racial dividends and you could find out that a landlord would only rent to the white rather than the black. According to Desmond, the black has significantly the worst household. The book goes on to state the white leave at trailer-park fear that they might end up to be part of the black side in the town (Desmond, p.78). It is clear that from the book state the housing environment black in the book. Hence eviction had the black American more in the aspect that there was bleak beaching of the housing court which dealt with any issue regarding the tenant and the landlord. "When imprisoned to determine the life of a man in a poor black housing, the eviction has caused a woman's life. Blacks are badly trapped. Black women are badly trapped. "


Desmond, Matthew. "Unaffordable America: Poverty, housing, and eviction." Fast Focus: Institute for Research on Poverty 22.22 (2015): 1-6.

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