Why Art Is Important in Our Life, Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-16
Why Art Is Important in Our Life, Essay Sample
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Why are the arts important

Art is part of our cultural heritage. Our whole life, we draw inspiration from the simple art that exists and those we continuously create daily. Art portrays the daily lives of the individuals that perform it. Through the various forms that art exists in, we are able to see other peoples perspectives on things. Beauty, validity, importance, and our thoughts are portrayed in art. A feeling associated with art is not only stupendous but also informative. The society has several benefits they draw from beings recipients of art, however, to others it is specific.

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Entertainment, religious beliefs and self-gratification are common attributes of art human beings are complacent with. However, art carries a deeper significance due to its adverse influence on our daily lives. All over the world, art is now used to seek attention towards issues that have been completely ignored. Due to its captivating sense, and the credulous attitude people have towards art, there’s always an epiphany whenever people pay attention.

Creating awareness is another significance art has on the society. It always sparks a discussion that could lead to greater change. When people have an interaction with art, it pokes their feelings and this acts as an inspiration. People who are moved greatly with art, are motivated to act on issues. For example, if there's a nice art on the conservation of the environment or wildlife, the beauty of the element in the art brings the emotions. As a result, people find themselves acting towards the course of action motivated by the art.

Expressing oneself has always been an issue for human beings. Most artists claim they use their various platforms mostly for expressing their thoughts, emotions or attitudes towards issues. How much more should art be appreciated if it provides the key to freedom? Being able to express yourself for a good cause and inspire others to assist is amazing. Art provides the strength and allows one to act on the message, one that would not clearly be communicated in words.

Finally, a sense of belonging, an appreciation of our own culture. The continued feeling of happiness. That’s the main purpose of art, happiness, and inspiration. As human beings, we usually live the whole of our lives trying to go after something with the sole purpose of being happy. Well, art is at the center of it all. One is able to appreciate the animals, songs, the earth, and talent all expressed through art.

The society will never get tired of art. Beings able to belong, identify and appreciate yourself through art os a feeling that cannot be measured. We all get inspired by art and are pushed to do some activities that change lives and provide a greater good. Appreciation of art comes from the good impact it has on the society. Let's not forget the creation of jobs for the youth and it is used in campaigns all the time. Despite a few negative influences and issues on art it still remains a really inspiring element of our lives that should always exist.

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