Free Essay in Religion: Crucifixion of Jesus

Published: 2020-04-28
Free Essay in Religion: Crucifixion of Jesus
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The crucifixion of Jesus makes an important historical event is highly valued by the Christians who believe that Jesus was the son of God. Regardless of the fact that many scholars have doubted the event, many Christians and historians are of the belief that the event happened in the 1st century. Even though there is no common agreement on what happened in the event, there are many non-Christian sources that agree that the event actually occurred. The aim of this research paper is to evaluate the importance of the crucifixion of Jesus and the reason they belief that it is important to their faith.

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The importance of the crucifixion can be realized from the fact that in the New Testament, the gospel books gives an hourly update on what was happening before and after the crucifixion. For the Christians who belief in the Bible, this is evidence that the event was very important in their salvation. This is why all Christians celebrate the death on Good Friday as a way of remembering the day when they were saved from their sins.

Jesus had predicted his death by telling people that he would be rejected by the high priests and other religious leaders before being killed. He predicted that he would be betrayed, and he would suffer to save the world. This is why he did not reject any of the events that occurred before and during his crucifixion. When he went to pray with his disciples, he prayed that God prevents his death if it is His wish. The last supper, also celebrated by the Christians is an event that also prepared Jesus and the disciples for the crucifixion. This shows that death of Jesus was one of the planned major events in His life and the lives of the Christians.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, several supernatural events occurred. First, darkness was witnessed in the world for about three hours. There were earthquakes in the region after the event. The veil at the Temple was also torn when Jesus died. The resurrection of saints was also an important event that occurred after the crucifixion. The Christians belief that these events emphasized the fact that Jesus was a supernatural being and the people should trust what He was preaching. It confirms that the death at the cross was not just any other death but had a great purpose for the believers. This is especially so since crucifixion was a normal act in the period that has been confirmed by historian (Cummins, 62). The supernatural events tell that the crucifixion of Jesus is not like any other crucifixions of people who had violated laws in the period.

During the crucifixion, the prophesies in the Old Testament was fulfilled. One of the prophesy was the soldier who pierced Jesus that healed his eye. The understanding is that the event was prophesied in the Old Testament hence was important for the humanity who had sinned. The Christians argue that Adam brought sins to the world, and this is why one person had to die in order to save the rest of the world.

During the crucifixion, Jesus talked to the women who were mourning and informed them that they should not be mourning for Him but for the children who will not belief in God (Leech, 78). Jesus told the women not to cry because this was a necessary way of saving them from the sins. There was no reason to mourn since the event was to benefit them and was part of the mission that Jesus was to accomplish on earth.

The events after crucifixion also emphasize the importance of the event. After Jesus was buried and his tomb guarded, He still resurrected during the third day and ascended to heaven. The Bible highlights that some women saw Jesus ascending as they were going to attend His body on the third of after his death (Cummins, 63). Additionally, the Bible teaches that Jesus appeared to some disciples. These incidences show that Jesus was able to avoid death at the cross but did not do so because it was important and was the only way through which He would save people. These events show that He was just any other human being and had come to the world to achieve the single goal of saving humanity through death at the cross.

The veil at the Temple was torn during the crucifixion of Jesus and has great meaning to the lives of the Christians which also emphasize the activity. Initially, the veil separated the people from God. The torn veil symbolizes that the death of Jesus at the cross was meant to eliminate the separation between the people and God. The crucifixion made God accessible to the people considering that they were forgiven the sins that they had committed.

The crucifixion of Jesus was as a result of the separation between God and human beings considering that God is holy. The death at the cross by Jesus, who had not sinned from the time He was born, was meant to pay for the sins that human beings had committed. The death was necessary to create a new relationship with God as long as human beings belief that Jesus died for them and stopped sinning. The death was meant to bring joy to the people who would also receive power to live as well as resurrect and live in heaven when Jesus returns for the second time.

The crucifixion of Jesus demonstrated Gods presence to his people all the time. The supernatural events that occurred during the crucifixion are an evidence of the power and presence of God. The Christians belief that the death of Jesus is a prove of the great love that God has to His people. God could not destroy all human beings because of their sins since He loved them so much (Leech, 82). The love is seen through the sacrifice of His only son so that the humanity would be saved from death. The crucifixion of Jesus, in this case, represents love and grace that God has to His people since he does not wish that they are destroyed for the sins that they have committed.

For the Christians, Jesus was not just killed by lawless people but was fulfilling the plan of his father. It is argued that Jesus had argued his case when presented to the Pilates court. Regardless of His innocence, Jesus submitted himself to the people who then crucified him because He was fulfilling the plan of God (Cummins, 67). Jesus had to obey His father so that the goal of saving the world from sins would be achieved.

The importance of the crucifixion of Jesus is understood up to date by the fact that in the religious teachings, people quote the fact that Jesus died for them in the cross. This means that Christians belief that the crucifixion of Jesus brought them closer to God. The event gives the Christians the hope that God will come for them and live with them forever. It gives Christians a reason to change their ways and obey God so that they can get everlasting life when Jesus comes for the second time.

In conclusion, the crucifixion of Jesus is viewed by Christians as part of salvation plan that God made to save people from the sins that they had committed. The reasoning is that Jesus died since sins were brought to humanity by one person, and one person had to die on behalf of the rest so that the others can receive salvation. The Christians belief that the death eliminated the distance between them and God and with faith, they will see God again as long as they obey His commandments. The prophesy in the old testament leads to greater belief of the importance of the crucifixion since it was long predicted that Jesus would suffer on behalf of the humanity. The supernatural events after the crucifixion including resurrection indicated that there was the presence of God and His support in all the activities. The event makes the Christians recognize and appreciate the great love that God has for them, and this is why He had a plan of saving them from the sins.

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