Student Life and Leadership Essay Samples

Published: 2018-03-12
Student Life and Leadership Essay Samples
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Student life and leadership

There are several lessons one can learn from being involved as a student leader which include time management, conflict resolution, working as a team, and all these things are not taught in a classroom. Through students’ involvement in leadership, friendships are built made because of this involvement and one learns how to be himself. The most fundamental lesson I learned is to be in the state of authentic so that one is able to work with others team members and assist when needed.

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Through involvement in several activities though leadership it will literally cement ones career path. It opens one’s eyes to see opportunities that are available and also gives a through way to grab such opportunities leading to carrier development. Through close interactions with the professional and subordinate staff members in the leadership committee, one will know the type of office he or she could work someday in future.

In meditating about my occupation path I know that my capability to understand leadership skills and to classify which skills I have and which ones I am required to develop will at last help me progress. Not only in my skilled life, but also in my personal life, the leadership knowledge I curate and strive toward improving will ultimately help me get to my next goal. Inspiring a Pooled Vision, one of The Five Practices, is something that every manager and leader must do to grow and take a team forward. Not everyone/anyone should or will be a manager, but in a team those who can encourage a shared vision are looked to as natural managers/leaders who will push the team to success. Working in a way that allows everyone around you to reach their highest potential is also necessary as a leader. The Run-through of Enable Others to Act helps me evaluate how I can continue to grow in my club by enabling others to act and ultimately growth on my own career through continual leadership expansion. Leadership is an irreplaceable skill that every person, group, and firm needs to propel it forward. Investing time in leadership progress is one of the most valuable things any learner can do.

Every manager, regardless of the business, looks for strong leadership talents and leadership potential. I believe that The Practices of Exemplary Leadership can not only change learners’ lives, but also help them land a employment, perform well in their proficient role, and progress in the career of their choice

Large or Blue Chip brands require great teams to ensure their achievement and leadership capabilities are essential. Especially at such a large body, it’s important for me to identify that part of being a leader is doing the finest I can so that I encourage others to trail my example. When I work on ventures, I continually keep in the back of my head that other individuals may be looking at my work to learn more, build upon the current work, or produce insights. Model the Way helps me to remember how I am setting an example within my team for others to also build on top of my leadership.

Student leadership article

Leadership refers to the ability of leading a group of individuals or an institution. All people regardless of their age and gender differences can possess leadership skills. There are some individuals who develop their leadership skills at a very tender age and there are others who develop their leadership skills later in life. Student leadership on the other hand is the process by which an individual becomes a leader while still in school. This kind of leadership has been associated with other types of leadership such as political and business leadership. However, there is limited information regarding the relationship between student leadership and other types of leadership. In this essay, we will evaluate the benefits of student leadership to determine if indeed it does help a person's career.

First, it is important to know that student leadership is similar to other type of leadership since it involves leading a group of people which in this case are students. A student leader is required to guide other students to follow the school rules, ensure that the students have a conducive learning environment, and most importantly submit the student complaints to the school administration. These are the same kind of responsibilities executed by other leaders such as Business leaders. For instance, a business leader is required to safeguard the welfare of his/her employees, submit the employee complaints to the company's management, and also ensure that the employees are respecting the company's code of conduct. My point here is that student leadership and other kind of leadership are similar. This means that a successful student leader can also be a successful business leader. Both fields requires the same abilities of leadership the difference is that student leadership acts a preparatory platform for other types of leadership. Therefore, it is fair to say that student leadership helps a person's career.

Charismatic business leaders such as Howard schultz were leaders during their school days and now they are huge business leaders. As a student leader, Howard use to promote the concept of teamwork among the students and most significantly he used to give the students an opportunity to speak out their opinions and complaints . After graduating from school, Howard applied the skills and experienced he gained from his school days to his career. He founded his company Starbucks and used the same skills of promoting teamwork and allowing employees to speak out their opinions and complaints. Nowadays Starbucks company is doing great due to Howard's exceptional leadership skills. These leadership skills which Howard posses were horned during his school days and now it has helped him succeed in his personal career.This means that indeed student leadership plays a huge role in a person's career.

In general, it is vital to understand that student leadership is very important since it gives an individual the experience he/she needs to lead people outside the school's environment. In fact, it acts like a training program for student leaders. The act of leadership is usually inherent but can also be learn. Barrack Obama the former US president was a student leader in Harvard university. And after graduating from school he became the senator of Illinois and the president of United States. This gives us sufficient evidence that student leadership indeed does help a person's career.

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