Essay Sample on Collaboration Between School Librarians and Teachers

Published: 2019-05-21
Essay Sample on Collaboration Between School Librarians and Teachers
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Collaboration is an act of doing things together. Our libraries need us, librarians, at the same they time need others to grow significantly. Mary Fran argues that learning for life is tied to collaboration through the context that collaboration teaches us to grow. School librarians have rolled around picking all sorts of materials for our libraries. But a problem presents itself nowadays, reduction in support for our libraries programs. Much worse reduction in the number of librarians. To secure the librarians collaboration is key. Lesson should to be learnt from other educators and from students. Ask ourselves what they long for and give it to them, help them. Collaborate with them.


Mathematics collaborations seem difficult and unnatural by virtue of this am going to highlight to you three seamless levels that can work wonders. In level one we let the math teacher know that we are a resource. We capture their attention by helping them build math vocabulary, use logic puzzles and start a games preferably chess. Also you can create a list of math resources you library has. In the second level you let the teachers know that you can partner for students success. Here you are they key player much heavily depend on you. Help them teach math through trade books. In the third level the teachers are presumably hooked to you, reel them for more. Teach them new math related technology, organize fun event such as math nights help students make math tutorial videos. More importantly involve their parents.


Successfully engaging teachers is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to collaboration. To engage successfully librarians must demonstrate their value as instructional partners. The best way to encourage collaboration is to know the curriculum. Look for this information online or ask a teacher or the principle to share it. In the unit that you are interested ask the teacher for the lesson plan then add something that incorporates information literacy and technology making sure that you dont cause the teacher extra work. Learn and understand common core standards you will be more in demand. Begin small, show teachers what you can do and share your enthusiasm. Build relationships, these over time will make collaboration less demanding and more fun. Remember initially only about 10 percent will be willing to collaborate because they fear that this means more work. Brand yourself by representing yourself as an institutional partner with specialized skills and knowledge to garner professional respect and interest in collaboration.


Data driven collaboration has a primary role of in the involvement of librarians in data analysis for addressing student deficits. This has several benefits to not only the teachers and students but also to the librarians themselves. To teachers new ideas to addressing student deficits are conceived furthermore they share tasks. Students improve their skills and scores consequently they reinforce their skill that had previous proven difficult on standardized test.


School librarians can always find opportunities to collaborate and enhance lessons. Brainstorm with colleagues, join committees and organizations outside of school, and do what we love best, read. A research documented by David V. Loertscher shows that in schools where teachers and librarians co-teach there is an increase in success rate from 20 to 50 percent.



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