Marketing Essay Example: Product Placement

Published: 2019-10-31
Marketing Essay Example: Product Placement
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Product placement continues to be an essential practice within advertising and integrated marketing communication whereby advertisers is pushing their way more forcefully as compared to what they have been doing. Even though product placement is more risk as compared to conventional advertising, it has become a regular activity to advertise a brand and product in movies and films and other main stream places. As a result of declining advertising efficiency and media fragmentation, product placement has significantly become an efficient way to reach consumers (Panda, 2004). Personally, I have come across various movies that have included several brands of during acting.

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Recently while watching a certain movie; I realized that the placement was so obvious in such a way that there are some things that various characters in the movie should interact with. The movie producer always wants to link their creativity to the reality world, thus it is obvious that characters in the movie should interact with normal products. For example in the movie that I watched, when I saw some character using laptops, it was so obvious that the laptop will lie in one of the existing brands. In this case, the brand was Dell; it is not possible to conclude that dell was the company paid the movie producer for the placement of the product.

With the incrementing efficient factors in the movie such as the attitude of the actor to the product that was being advertised and the connection to the theme of the story, the placement was not related in any way with the plot of the story since I was sure that such placement was paid. Since this product placement was not was not sensible rooted to the plot of the story, it appeared to be ineffective and it did not change my perception regarding the product that was being advertised. Furthermore, the product was over exposure and yet the movie required emotional involvement which was not necessary a good platform for the product placement even though another consumer may have a different opinion.

Product placement can be essential to the business as the advertising brand achieved prominent audience attention and exposure. The business selling the product was able to gain goodwill by associating with famous movie programs that targeted certain customers. Other customers who enjoy watching that movie will pay attention to product placement. Notably, the company was able to increase its brand awareness through product development. When the brand awareness is high, it leads to a more positive attitude and an increased attraction in buying of that product (Tsai et al.2007). The business was able to gain a certain level of awareness and this increased the intention of buying since when the brand awareness is low, customers will not be able to even recall the name of the product. Additionally, brands that are placed significantly in the movie scene enjoy higher brand recall as compared to other. Consumers are able to remember to remember the brand since it was visually and verbally advertised for a long period. The business sale of that product is expected to increase as the consumer is able to recall the product when they are at the counter and the likelihood of purchasing that brand is high. (Lester, 2014).


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