Solutions to Air Pollution, Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-07
Solutions to Air Pollution, Essay Sample
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Solution of air pollution on environment

Pollution has been on the rise in for some time now. Types of pollution include water, air, and land. The impact of air pollution stands to be very fatal and affects a high number of countries. The USA had adopted various means to deal with this challenge with the aim of purifying and preserving air for today’s and for future generations.

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The government considers various factors when designing a quality strategy that will be effective in curbing air pollution. Some of the factors in consideration include environmental, engineering and economic factors.

In efforts to curb the menace the government focuses on eliminating the sources of pollution by using prevention strategies. Prevention plans focus on reducing, eliminating and preventing pollution form the source. In this context control focuses on plants and industries that emit hazardous gases into the atmosphere, the aim to work with these industries and create mechanisms that emit less or minimum polluting factors. At times the government places ultimatum, signs agreements and gives aid to industries in effort to curb the levels of waste emissions. Some ways that help reduce wastes at the source include using less toxic raw materials during production. For instance, the government may ban the use of hazardous components like those that contain copper and Sulphur. The government also fosters the use of less pollution-emitting processes in the production and manufacturing units. In this context the lineament may deny permission of manufacturing to companies and industries until they meet the given standards or production. These standards may include having a production process that takes in most of its waste material and recycles them hence releasing minimum pollutants in the air. Also, the industry may be required to emit waste gases in a less harmful form. For instance, instead of emoting carbon monoxide, the industry may be required to convert it into carbon monoxide before the gas leaves the reaction chambers.

Regarding technology the government invest in clean air technology centers where it supports and spearheads pollution prevention programs. Some of the mechanisms include using mechanical collectors, fabric filter, electrostatic precipitators and combustion systems. Having such mechanisms ensure that production and manufacturing process eliminate much products that would otherwise be release into the air and cause more pollution. For instance, using electrostatic precipitators helps to curb release of hazardous gases like carbon monoxide and ammonia gas into the air. Such technological mechanisms seek to provide self-relying process for industries.

Also, the government is committed to control pollution that result from the motor industry. emission in this area include fumes from vehicles combustion. The government has so far ensured that vehicle manufactures make vehicles that combust less fuels. Also, there has been efforts to provide the market either cleaner fuels. The government has also passed legislation that ban drivers form using leaded fuel as it causes much pollution.

in various ways the USA government has managed to fairly curb the rates of air pollution. At the same time more, actions are still being put in place to ensure that air pollution is reduced to the most levels possible.

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