Pros and Cons of Fast Food - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-07
Pros and Cons of Fast Food - Essay Sample
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Cause and effect fast food essay

The consumption of fast food has become popular in many parts of the world. The rise in popularity is attributable to the several advantages that come with eating fast food. First, as the name suggests, fast food is fast and hence convenient for many people who have to balance between work, class, and making a meal. One can grab a burger or chicken nugget on the way to work unlike the case with home-cooked meals where you have to spend a lot of time in planning and doing the actual cooking.

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Second, fast foods are tasty and thus a preference for the taste bud. In addition to eliminating hunger pangs, the feel of the food in the mouth is an important determinant of what we eat. Fast food is therefore the preferred choice for those who like their meals yummy.

Third, fast foods are proving to be cheaper than other foods and hence a great choice for everyone who is mindful about their pocket. The increase in the number of fast food chains has brought about stiff competition in the industry, an aspect that has led to reduced prices for consumers.

Despite the advantages enumerated here, fast foods portends several disadvantages to the consumer. First, fast foods have more calories than home made traditional foods. At a time when sedentary lifestyle is becoming commonplace because of technology, fast foods offer a fatal combination that has led to an increase in the rates of obesity worldwide.

Secondly, fast foods are addictive, mainly because of their taste and the many chemicals and preservatives used to make them. The result is that the foods are changing from a grab to fight hunger pangs plan to daily meals, which is potentially disastrous because of obesity.

Thirdly, fast foods are increasingly leading to less family times. Traditionally, meal times are also an opportunity for family members to socialize as they eat together. However, fast foods are destroying the norm as people eat individually on their way from work as opposed to doing so together at home.

Fourthly, the marketing and advertisement of fast foods mainly targets children, which poses an even bigger danger of child obesity. In the final analysis, fast foods are convenient, tastier, and cheaper. However, they come at a cost in terms of excess calories and eating away the family socialization aspect of mealtimes. Recently however, fast food chains are focusing on healthier meals that pose little risk of obesity. It is now up to an individual to decide if the pros outweigh the cons in the particular context. One can decide that the calories are okay provided they have a work out plan that will make use of the excess energy. Another person may decide that the risk of obesity is not work the taste, affordability, and convenience.

Ultimately, it is up to everyone to decide what works out for them. nice between work, class, and making a meal.

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