IIDA Product Runway at Newport Music Hall - Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-01
IIDA Product Runway at Newport Music Hall - Essay Example
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The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) organized for a product runway concert in Columbus, Ohio at one of the most exceptional venues, the Newport Music Hall. It was one of the venues that I aspired to attend, and the concert was no mistake as I got to enjoy along with my friends. I had secured a pre-sale ticket, and there was no way I was going to late as I managed to enter the hall at around 6 pm. The admission ticket was inclusive of pizza and apps, an excellent performance by Nina West, the runway show, and finally after show performance by the famous Midwest band, Swagg. For the runway show, several judges were present, these were, Kelli Martin, Bill Faust, Thomas McClure, and Alex Bandar. Nina West was the special guest performer and emcee.

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The concert started by Nina West ushering and welcoming the guest. She was so outspoken and engaging. It was fun listening to her and her performance. After that, the runway show was held were different models showcased their fashion designs. To make it livelier, various instruments were used in the concert. The tools can fall under different classifications. These were mainly electrophones, and idiophones. Idiophones, which are instruments that make sound through self-vibrating, were used by the music Swagg in their performance. These were the bass drums, cymbals, hanging toms, rototom, octoban, temple block, tambourine, and timpani drums among others. Drummers are essential for any rock band, and Swagg having performed some rock songs would not afford to miss this as they keep the beat to the song. In addition, triangles were also used in the concert. I saw various electrophones in the concert. These included the electric guitar, electric violin, piano, electric saxophone, and of course, the electronic bass. These items are amplified electronically. Electrophones can keep their acoustic resonators but can still be amplified using electronic means. For instance, any instrument sound that can be through an amplifier and microphone falls in this category. However, these mentioned ones were very handy in the concert. The electric guitar and bass, which was used by the Swagg music crew, relies on electricity instead of resonators to alter and amplify their sound.

The Swagg music group is s five-piece band made of male vocalists. In my opinion, it is the best of new school, old school, and pretty everything in between. For this reason, it seeks out songs that are guaranteed to get a party going, keeping it going, and make the guests with the party could go on forever. I was not disappointed as after the runway, it was one of my favorite performance. They mixed genres, including rock, soul, hip-hop, and funk. One of the best performance song by the group was uptown funk, which was originally composed and sung by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. It was written by these composers and singers, as well as Jeff Bhasker, Rudolf Taylor, and Devon Gallapsy among others. The song falls under the funk music genre which entails the incorporation of rhythmic and danceable styles. The funk category is a combination of different styles, such as jazz, rhythm and blues (R&B), and soul music. As such, from what I heard, the performance brought strong bass lines and rhythmic groove that was emphasized by drums and electric bassist which were played by a drummer. In addition, I also noted that the performance of that particular song capitalized on single chord and extended vamp. I also hear Jazz sounds. The combination brought in harmony and made the performance very engaging, both physically and emotionally. As such, the crowd joined in and was involved both in singing and dancing, imitating the performers.

With the genre mixing both dancing and singing, the performers had unparalleled energy onstage that was extended to the audience. The crowd imitated back and did the same stunts. I love dancing and this was a perfect opportunity to showcase my stunts. I danced and sang in harmony with the band and with the audience. It was very entertaining seeing my friends and I doing what we like in harmony, dancing and singing. As such, in my opinion, dancing and singing was very important for the performance as it elevated the crowd to ecstasy and enabled the Swagg band to connect to the audience. In essence, it enabled the transfer of unparalleled energy onstage and the inbound connection o the five crew members, extending it to the dance floor. Consequently, this accomplished what the group aimed for, which was ensuring that everyone had fun. It was evident as everyone, including me, was filled with smiles, which was a reflection of the Swagg members smiles. As such, it was no ordinary event; it was a celebration of fashion and interior design lovers, as well as a platform for partying with friends, which is indeed priceless. Also, Nina West performed but her performance, in my opinion, would not match that of the band. Even so there were no special costumes for the fans, we enjoyed very much. For the runway, there were distinct fashion costumes that the models showcased. Every model had a unique costume because the event was mainly a fashion design event held by IIDA.

Because the Swagg crew performs music that has already been composed by other artists, there is some extent of improvisation. For instance, the song uptown funk was originally written and sung by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. As such, it was not their original song, meaning that they had to improvise so that they could best perform it. However, they did a good job as the songs they performed were just as the same as the original ones. There was a close correlation, but because it was a performance, they included motivation words to get the fans all engaged. Besides, the dancing was quickly picked up by the fans.

The musicians interacted by signaling each other. The lead musicians would start a song, and then the others followed his lead, such as the drummers, and in turn, the sounds, tempos, and the key would change almost in an instant. They made eye contact, but it was hard to know that they were actually communicating or leading each other. They did not nudge each other, and in my opinion, they communicated to each other mainly through the music itself. Similarly, this wave of communication would be picked up by the audience, and thus, the singing and dancing would occur in harmony. That is what made the concert lively. For this reason, their communication never hindered the performance. I believe that they had planned earlier what and how they would perform. Therefore, there were no mistakes on the part of the musicians. In essence, their communication only enabled the audience to enjoy the music more. It all translates that if the musicians have well planned for the performance, no mishaps will be conceived, thereby eliciting a lively performance.

In the performance by the Swagg band and Nina Wets, the mood was more exuberant. However during the runway, everyone cheered for the fashionistas who were beautifully clad in various designs. Everyone was in anticipation to look at the next design. It was fun watching them catwalk on the stage. However, the performance by the musicians elicited even more cheers, as if everyone, as I did, was waiting for their performance. Each fan was in an ecstatic mood. They used various music elements. The most important ones they used to pass the music were a melody, repetition, harmony, and rhythm. In essence, they achieved balance via using multiple pitch simultaneities. A rhythm was evident in their performance in the way varied accentuation of sounds. In addition, repetition made the song and specific lyrics catchier such that the audience joined in the singing. On the other hand, melody was achieved through a succession of notes, which was facilitated by the drummers. Lastly, the unique part of the concert was that it entailed the incorporation of two enticing activities, the runway, and the Swagg band performance. Also, in addition to cheering, the involved singing and dancing. There was enough space to do so. As such, because I love dancing and singing, and the concert provided the perfect platform, I liked the show very much. I can conclude that it is one of my best live performances I have attended so far.

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