Influence of Social Media Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-08
Influence of Social Media Essay Sample
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Social media influence

During the past decade, access to the internet has increased at a rapid rate. The introduction of smartphones has amplified this trend to an enormous level. Everyone can share the content and personal interests with almost entire world on fingertips. The teenagers and young people spend most of their time online sharing thoughts, content, and making virtual friends online. While the social networking plays a vital role in improving the social interaction of the young people, they are also responsible for the having several negative impacts on the personal development of the teenagers.

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Until now, there has been no regularity authority developed to monitor the activities performed on the social media platforms. The young people are exposed to a large quantity of content which sometimes can contain misguided information aimed at increasing negative thoughts or attitudes among young people. For instance, ISIS used carefully planned videos and online marketing to improve the radicalization among the Muslim as well as the Western communities.

Moreover, the cyber-bullying has increased to new levels after the increased use of social media in the societies all over the world. The anonymity on the social media platforms gave bullies new opportunities to target their victims. Most of the times these bullies are the people who are near to the victim and know them personally. Using the hidden identities, they bully their victims in front of every person which is socially connected to them and thus forcing the victim to adopt social isolation.

The increased use of the social media platforms has given birth to a new concept known as, \Facebook depression\" among the young people. It is observed that when young people compare themselves to inferior or upper class over the social media it increases anxiety and depression in their personalities triggering a chain of psychological disorders. Moreover the use of the social media increases the risk of losing the privacy and exposure to violent or unwanted content online. Such exposures at a young age can result in disturbing developments in the teenagers or young people's personality which can be life lasting. The teenage or young age is a part of life when the parents and the educators should play a vital role in the shaping the life of the young generation. The social media has limited the access to these relations in the lives of the teenagers or adolescents and thus has created a social dilemma in different communities around the world which needs to be addressed at the earliest moment. Recent developments in parental and institutional monitoring of the internet use of the young people should be encouraged and adopted by the parents and educational institutes to monitor the online activities of the young people. However in making such efforts the fundamental rights of the young people and their will to learn for themselves should be honored at each cost. Proper use and monitoring of the technology used by the adolescents can make the future of the young generation more promising for the future generations.

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