Education Essay Sample on Upward Bound Programs

Published: 2019-06-14
Education Essay Sample on Upward Bound Programs
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Upward Bound programs are on the rise in the United States. They are educational programs that receive their funding from the federal government. They are open to various categories of people throughout the nation. They include public agencies, higher-learning institutions and secondary schools. Community-based organizations and other social service organizations are also eligible to the programs. However, the case is different when it comes to students. A student should be through with the 8th grade and have an age of between thirteen and nineteen years to be able to join the program. They must also be those from low-income backgrounds (education, 2015) . Washington metropolitan area transit authority is now recruiting personnel who have undergone training under the upward program.

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Enrollment into the upward bound programs is often advantageous to a person. WMATA is a big agency and therefore employs are a lot of people. The transport sector is one with the highest employment rate in the country. Therefore, there is a lot of stiff competition for jobs and promotions in the agency from one level to another.

One of the major benefits of joining the program is that it will provide me with leadership skills. Being a national agency, WMATA, requires personnel who are able to guide their colleagues in several situations they find themselves in. The upward program will offer me additional training in leadership positions since I have past leadership experience (Benjamin Collins, 2014). It will help improve my skills with regards to the market especially when joining big agencies and companies.

The program also offers excellent communication skills training that are necessary for customer relations. Customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of WMATA and therefore joining the institution will enhance my communication skills. It also offers mentorship skills on what the employer expects from the employee. WMATA, being a busy organization, brings additional job pressure to perform to its employees (Employee), 2014). Therefore joining the upward program would be a great step forward for me. It will help me outface competition from the rest.

Joining the program will not only help me acquire extra skills but will offer an opportunity to show case my assets. Having been in service in several companies plus different positions for example line platform instructor, transportation specialist, mail handler, bus communication specialist and, deport clerk, I have several assets to offer. First, it would be of great advantage to share my knowledge in transportation industry. The industry is one of the most complexes and involves a lot of critical thinking.

Experience is another main asset I believe I possess based on my excellent history and curriculum vitae. Serving in several companies has exposed me to numerous challenges and sharing it with others in the program will be of great advantage. It will help others understand what to expect in the ever changing job market. Leadership skills are also another set of assets I have to offer and share. Having been involved in leadership before, it would be necessary to share the several tips and the challenges of being a leader. It would be a motivating factor to others vying for such positions.


Upward bound programs are very beneficial. Many people view them as time-wasting but that is a wrong view. Many successful leaders and managers have undergone training in the programs which has made them reach the level they are today. Nobody was born with all knowledge. One gains it from various sources and training. Therefore, I am hopeful joining the program will be a ladder to a successful career and life.


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