Free Essay on Speech Topic: Incorporating SBAR tools in hospital communication.

Published: 2023-03-27
Free Essay on Speech Topic: Incorporating SBAR tools in hospital communication.
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Specific Purpose: to inform on the use of the SBAR tools within the hospital environment from incites presented by a nurse manager.

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Central Idea Sentence (Thesis): Communication within the healthcare system is as critical as the medical interventions provided, and therefore, the degree of effectiveness in communication dictates the various clinical outcomes as well as patient satisfaction. Thus, incorporating the SBAR communication tool will help guarantee better patient outcomes.

I. Introduction

  • A. Imagine being taken to the ER with a possible cardiovascular attack, and upon being referred to the operating room for an emergency operation, your patient information gets lost along the way, resulting in a redo of the questions against the urgency of time. This becomes inconvenient and even life-threatening.
  • B. Poor communication within the healthcare system is detrimental, as in most cases, it result in sentinel events and even causes morbidity and mortality ((Achrekar et al., 2016). Within the hospital, patient information is often handled with many individuals resulting in the possibility of information distortion or loss. A communication tool to help in mitigating this would thus result in the effective handling of patient information and consequently improve patient outcomes.
  • C. The SBAR tool stands for situational, background, assessment, and recommendation tools. The tool was utilized on 26 patients, and of these, 11 were improving, while six were constant. Nurses were surveyed on the usefulness of the tool, and 76% found it helpful, while 26% found it time-consuming (Achrekar et al., 2018).
  • D. To critically learn how this tool can be incorporated in the healthcare system, each of its components has to be explored independently.

The SBAR tool incorporates the unveiling of the situation of the patient, their background, assessment, and recommended diagnosis and medication.

II. Body

  • A. The SBAR tool is used within the healthcare settings by professionals such as nurses and physicians to facilitate communication through the creation of understanding and awareness.
  1. The tool allows for the attending and receiving nurses to document the situation that the patient is at as well as the surrounding conditions. The nurse, therefore, identifies themselves, as well as the unit they serve in and document the patient information describing their situation as they walked into the hospital.
  2. The background of the patient is also included containing their disease history, their vital signs, and admission details, among other background information (Institute for healthcare improvement, 2017).

With the background information efficiently documented, the assessment of the illness and possible recommendations are given afterward.

  • B. From the documented situational and background information of the patient, the attending nurse is capable of assessing the situation as well as recommend possible diagnosis and treatment.
  1. The assessment is a prima facie take of the nurse regarding the situation of the patient, and from this, they can formulate recommendations on the possible diagnosis. (Institute for healthcare improvement, 2017).
  2. The SBAR tool ensures that the handing in of patient information form nurse to a physician is adequate and accurate

The effectiveness of the SBAR tool lies in its ability to detail patient information efficiently, and thus prevents the loss of distortion of this information.

  • C. information loss, as earlier stated, jeopardize patient outcomes, and therefore, getting a tool that ensures this avoided works towards the improvement of healthcare in general.
  1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of SBAR showed improved nurse-physician coordination, improved team communication, and decreased errors in order entries (Randmaa, Martensson, Leo Swenne, & Engstrom, 2014).
  2. Through improved communication, patient satisfaction improved care, and effective healthcare interventions are boosted.

The critical nature of communication in healthcare, therefore, necessitates the use of such a communication tool.

III. Conclusion

The SBAR tools ensure efficiency, effective communication, and reduction in errors, and this works in favor of patient outcomes

The healthcare system is robust, and therefore, it is only by enhancing communication can quality care be attained.


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