Free Essay on Working Alone or in Group of People

Published: 2017-12-27
Free Essay on Working Alone or in Group of People
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Some people underestimate the benefits and impacts of a healthy group discussion and others prefer working alone to working with a group of people. What are some of the pros and cons of group discussion as compared to working alone? Do you have any examples from a time when you have experienced that a group discussion saved the day?


They say two heads are better than one and with a reason. What may seem difficult to someone may be a cup of tea to another person and the opposite is true. For this reason, people are encouraged to always seek help from others in hard times. Easy as it may sound, this is the last thing some people would do and they are willing to try just about anything before they resort to asking for help. In many cases, this situation is aggravated by ego and the desire to be independent. Many people have a feeling that asking for help makes you vulnerable and at the same time a bother to others; hence, avoid it at all costs. In classroom setting, this can be alluded to group discussion. In the process of learning, some matters require the attention of a group where individual efforts are futile.

However, group discussions are not without its limitations. They can be time-consuming and lead to wastage of resources especially when ideological differences kick in. Naturally, it is so hard to get everyone on the same page on certain issues and varying opinions slow the pace of group discussions. Where the groups are comprised of friends or related people, they are likely to occasionally swerve from the discussion motions and into other personal matters that are not relevant to the discussion.

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