Free Essay: Press Release Example

Published: 2023-01-25
Free Essay: Press Release Example
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A press release is a form of written or video communication that reports ideal and on point, but limited information on an event. Majorly, press releases are tied to enterprises and provide various platforms of media through several means, for example, social media postings as well as website content. In other terms, the paper criticizes three press release examples about Maria Sharapova's doping circumstance that led to the release of diverse information to the public.

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Printed Press Release


On October 6, 2016, the International Tennis Federation released a print press that was posted on its website titled "ITF statement regarding the case of Maria Sharapova." The purpose of the print release was to establish their position on the case, by stating that the federation was not responsible for issuing the punishment for doping, but the Independent Tribunal and the CAS panel were (Internation Tennis Federation, 2016). Moreover, by making such a stand, it was clear that the release was to make a statement that ITF was falsely accused of banning Ms. Sharapova from participating in any tennis tournament for six years (Internation Tennis Federation, 2016).

Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of the ITF printed release is that it was posted on the organization's website; it indicates authenticity since the ITF was the primary source of information. Moreover, the outline of the work promotes readability since most of the contents reflect on the organization's perception and decisions.

Unfortunately, the printed press posed lots of disadvantages. First, the ITF tries to convince the audience that they were not in charge of the deciding on Ms. Sharapova's punishment, but in the for a fact, there is no substantial evidence to support the release.


The only difference to be made is to ensure that the release had addressed to World Wide Web pages (URLs), which are supportive evidence to the release. For example, the press needed to have an Independent Tribunal and the CAS URL to explain to the audience its structure, how the decision was made, and its relationship with ITF to make the audience think that the ITF was responsible for the verdict.

Direct Press Release from Maria Sharapova Summary

On March 12, 2016, Maria Sharapova posted a printed press on her wall to justify her actions as well as set the records straight on the events that took place after her doping habit was revealed. In her post, Ms. Sharapova began with the events that took place on December 22, 2015, where she accepted that her negligence led to her not reading an email that was addressing the anti-doping program for 2016 (Sharapova,2016). Moreover, she states that communication between her and the association was poor, which led to her lack of interest in reading the mail that contained changes (Sharapova, 2016). Besides, she comes clear and blames journalists for publishing incomplete information that portrayed her as a culprit of doping since they stated that she had been warned five times (Sharapova, 2016).

Advantage and Disadvantage

The first advantage of the press relies on was selecting a social media site (FaceBook) where she had the added benefit of getting attention and convincing her followers as well as the world. Moreover, she provided several attached documents that were irrelevant, and such information can make the readers believe her story. Unfortunately, the only disadvantage is the fact that only those interested in Ms. Sharapova's life had the opportunity to read it, and most followers do not take the Facebook post seriously.


I would stick with the entire press release since she is trying to expose incomplete news released by other media houses. The only change is to make sure that I highlight the names of the websites, journalists, and any person involved with the alteration of information that affected her career and personality.

Video Press Release


On March 7, 2016, Ruptly posted a video titled "Live: Russia tennis player Maria Sharapova to make a major announcement." The content of the video reflects on Sharapova, making a live press release where she explains the entire ordeal of being sanctioned by the ITF on the claims of doping (Ruptly,2016). Moreover, she accepts to be using the drug meldonium legally for years (Ruptly, 2016)). Furthermore, she recognizes that due to her negligence, she did not read the email sent to her containing the list of prohibited drugs in the sporting sector. Also, in her brief statement, Sharapova accepts to engage in answering various journalist questions (Ruptly, 2016). Advantages and disadvantages

One of the benefits is that the press is live, and the information is coming directly from her. Next, she engages on face to face communication with journalists by allowing them to ask questions. Contrary, the only disadvantage is that she criticizes the podium and location in which the press release was held.


The press release was perfect; therefore, there are no needs to changing any of its properties.


To conclude, all these press releases lack integrity since all of them lack enough and quality information. This information is essential to identify the actual proceedings of Ms. Sharapova's doping situation.


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